funding in biotechnology and medecine

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Fondation Artères
Fondation Artères - Location: Geneva - Genève Artères est une fondation privée à but non lucratif dont la mission est de soutenir la médecine publique genevoise.
Forlen Stiftung


Forlen Stiftung - Discipline: Health - Schwerpunkt der Stiftung ist die Unterstützung der Forschung am Tropeninstitut Basel.
3R Research Foundation Switzerland

3R Research Foundation Switzerland - Location: Bern - Berne Discipline: Pharmacology - The aim of the 3R Foundation is to promote alternative research methods to animal experimentation through grants for research projects as well as to implement and promote the 3R principles.
Helmut Horten Foundation

Helmut Horten Foundation - Location: Lugano - Lugano Discipline: Health - Supporting the health care system
International Breast Cancer Study Group IBCSG


International Breast Cancer Study Group IBCSG - Location: Bern - Berne Discipline: Health - IBCSG conducts academic clinical trials in early breast cancer, while respecting highest scientific and ethical standards.
ISREC Foundation

ISREC Foundation - Location: Lausanne - Lausanne Discipline: Health - The ISREC Foundation supports experimental cancer research
Fondation Louis Jeantet de médecine

Fondation Louis-Jeantet de médecine - Location: Geneva - Genève Discipline: Health - Established in Geneva, the Louis-Jeantet Foundation seeks to further the cause of medicine.
Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung

Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung - Location: Bern Schwanengasse 6, 3011 Bern - Discipline: Health - Unterstützung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, vorab Medizin.
Novartis Foundation

Novartis Foundation - Location: Basel - Bâle Discipline: Environment - Affiliation: Novartis - Home - Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
Roche Donations and Sponsorship


Roche Donations and Sponsorship - Location: Basel - Bâle Discipline: Health
Swiss Cancer Research Foundation


Swiss Cancer Research Foundation - Location: Bern Effingerstrasse 40, 3008 Bern - Discipline: Health The Swiss Cancer Research foundation (founded 1990) is a non-profit organisation for the funding of cancer research in Switzerland across the entire spectrum.