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Swiss TPH
Swiss TPH  
Location: Basel
Discipline: Health
Affiliation: University of Basel

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), former Swiss Tropical Institute (STI), has been founded in 1943. It has research and teaching activities in the arear of international health development. In June 2009 the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine of the University of Basel, active in the areas of environmental epidemiology and women’s health, was integrated into the Swiss TPH.

Today over 500 employees from 40 nations work worldwide for the Swiss TPH in research, teaching and services with the main goal to contribute to health development worldwide.

As an associate institute of the University of Basel, the Swiss TPH takes part in teaching within various faculties, as well as is engaged in post-graduate education and advanced training on national and international levels.

The Swiss TPH receives 81% of its income through competitive fundraising and the earnings of our service departments. The remaining budget is given by the Basel cantons and the Swiss federal government.

Pharmacology - Dec 18, 2018
Buruli ulcer is a neglected tropical disease (NTD) resulting in debilitating skin lesions, disabilities and stigmatisation. The current antibiotic treatment is long and has severe adverse side effects. Researchers from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) together with colleagues from Singapore have discovered a highly effective compound against Buruli ulcer which has the potential to become a powerful alternative to the existing treatment options.
Health - Dec 14, 2018

Schistosomiasis is a parasitic worm infection affecting 250 million people globally. The current prevalence thresholds for preventive chemotherapy of schistosomiasis are based on the Kato-Katz method using stool samples.

Health - Oct 24, 2018

Air pollution and transportation noise are both associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Health - Sep 28, 2018

Although the disease is preventable, rabies continues to kill more than 60'000 people per year - mainly children in Asia and Africa.

Health - Nov 19, 2018

The European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use has adopted a positive opinion of fexinidazole, the first all-oral treatment that has been shown to be efficacious for both stages of sleeping sickness.

Health - Oct 23, 2018

To supplement medicines and supplies that are out of stock at the Medical Stores Department (MSD) in Tanzania, Swiss TPH developed the Jazia Prime Vendor System (Jazia PVS).

Health - Sep 18, 2018

Today, the University of Basel and ETH Zurich co-founded the Botnar Research Centre for Child Health (BRCCH) in Basel. They bring together top scientists and clinical researchers from a variety of disciplines in order to develop new methods and digital innovations for global use in paediatrics.

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