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Socinstrasse 57, 4051 Basel
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Location: Basel
Discipline: Health
Affiliation: University of Basel

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), former Swiss Tropical Institute (STI), has been founded in 1943. It has research and teaching activities in the arear of international health development. In June 2009 the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine of the University of Basel, active in the areas of environmental epidemiology and women’s health, was integrated into the Swiss TPH.

Today over 500 employees from 40 nations work worldwide for the Swiss TPH in research, teaching and services with the main goal to contribute to health development worldwide.

As an associate institute of the University of Basel, the Swiss TPH takes part in teaching within various faculties, as well as is engaged in post-graduate education and advanced training on national and international levels.

The Swiss TPH receives 81% of its income through competitive fundraising and the earnings of our service departments. The remaining budget is given by the Basel cantons and the Swiss federal government.

Health - Social Sciences - Jul 2
Health - Social Sciences
A long-term study on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is being carried out in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft. The study contains both a digital survey that looks at the effects of COVID-19 on individual's quality of life, as well as conducts antibody testing (a seroprevalence study). Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft are equally contributing to the costs of the long-term study, which is being carried out by Swiss TPH. The study will take place from July to December 2020. This week, randomly selected people will be contacted within the two Basel cantons.
Career - Jun 21

The construction of the new Swiss TPH headquarters "Belo Horizonte" in Allschwil is underway and progressing according to plan. As of mid-May 2020, the roof of the building was finished with concrete. The traditional topping out ceremony for the construction workers took place on Friday, 19 June 2020, in compliance with COVID-19 protection measures. The move of Swiss TPH to Allschwil is planned for the end of 2021.

Health - Career - May 27
Health - Career

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is supporting the re-allocation of funds within existing projects that are implemented by Swiss TPH in Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe to assist in the public health response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Health - Career - May 13
Health - Career

Swiss TPH has been awarded 3 out of 11 new research grants from the Fast Track Call for Acute Global Health Challenges put forward by the Botnar Research Centre for Child Health (BRCCH). The research projects will help mitigate COVID-19-related medical and public health challenges.

Health - Environment - May 11
Health - Environment

Ten years ago, the former Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) within the University of Basel's Faculty of Medicine was integrated into the Swiss Tropical Institute (STI).

Health - Economics - Apr 25
Health - Economics

This year's World Malaria Day is marked by major advances in the fight against malaria, with more than 7 million lives saved and over 1 billion cases prevented in the last two decades. At the same time, COVID-19 threatens this progress and immediate action is required to save lives. According to a model calculation, an increase of 105,000 malaria deaths, mainly children, is predicted due to COVID-19.

Health - Social Sciences - May 29
Health - Social Sciences

It is with indescribable sadness that we learned about the passing of Flora Kessy, Executive Director of the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH). We have lost a smart, farsighted, witty and engaged colleague, friend and long-standing partner of Swiss TPH. Our deepest condolences go to Flora's family, friends and colleagues at TTCIH.

Health - Pharmacology - May 14
Health - Pharmacology

A new study reveals that it is possible to identify those individuals that will be protected by the malaria vaccine before its administration. The researchers also found that boosting the immune system before vaccination could potentially improve vaccine efficacy. The study was published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine by ISGlobal in partnership with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and other partners.

Health - Environment - May 11
Health - Environment

Ten years ago, the former Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) within the University of Basel's Faculty of Medicine was integrated into the Swiss Tropical Institute (STI).

Health - May 6

COVID-19 poses major challenges for resource-limited countries, also when it comes to diagnostics. Swiss TPH is supporting Equatorial Guinea in establishing one of the few diagnostic laboratories for Sars-CoV-2 in the region. Claudia Daubenberger, Head of the Clinical Immunology unit at Swiss TPH, speaks in an interview about the arduous past few weeks and the challenges associated with Sars-CoV-2 diagnostics in sub-Saharan Africa.

Health - Life Sciences - Apr 25
Health - Life Sciences

Marcel Tanner is one of the most distinguished health experts in Switzerland. His contributions in the fields of global health, infection biology and malaria research and the strengthening of health systems, especially in Africa and Asia, have made him known also internationally. At the Dies academicus on 25 April 2020, the University of Zurich will award him with an honorary doctorate.

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