PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

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Location: Villigen
Affiliation : Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat
Chemistry Jan 5
Eighty percent of all products of the chemical industry are manufactured with catalytic processes. Catalysis is also indispensable in energy conversion and treatment of exhaust gases. It is important for these processes to run as quickly and efficiently as possible; that protects the environment while also saving time and conserving resources.
Physics Dec 16

A new material retains its special magnetic properties even at room temperature - A new material could become the basis for future data storage devices, since it may enable significant reductions in energy demands in comparison to present-day hard drives.

Chemistry Dec 12

In several laboratories at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, researchers work with radioactive substances that eventually should aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer or metabolic diseases - bu

Event Dec 5

Today, on 5 December 2016, the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI held an inauguration ceremony for its new large-scale research facility Swiss FEL, with Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation, in attendance.

Environment Dec 14

Atmospheric scientist Julia Schmale is starting out, together with more than fifty other researchers, on a three-month research cruise around the Antarctic.

Medicine Dec 8

«A few months after the proton treatment was over, I realised that I could see more and more. Just dimly, it's true, but I could see! That was sensational!» - More than a year ago, Gabi Meier* was treated with proton therapy at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

Physics Nov 29

In most cases, electricity is produced when water is heated and transformed into vapour. Vapour bubbles in the water play a decisive role in this process by collecting in a layer at a heated wall.

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