PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute
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Location: Villigen
Affiliated to : Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat
Physics Feb 15
The young company Swiss Hydrogen is located in Fribourg. Here work is under way on competitive high-performance fuel cells that could be used in environmentally friendly vehicles or deployed as stationary power generators.
Physics Feb 12

The ABB facility in Wettingen, Aargau, got practical recommendations on increasing output in the manufacture of ceramic components.

Physics Jan 29

At the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, researchers are looking for solutions that enable energy from the sun, the wind, or biomass to be efficiently integrated into the Swiss energy system.

Physics Dec 21

Oles Sendetskyi wants to use polarity reversal in nanomagnets to develop a sustainable power source for small devices.

Innovation Feb 6

The Zurich-based power company Energie 360° provides natural gas, biogas, and wood pellets throughout Switzerland.

Innovation Jan 11

Efficiently producing energy from biowaste: A technology developed at PSI and tested in collaboration with the Zurich-based energy provider Energie 360° makes it possible.

Physics Dec 7

The years of careful planning and construction have paid off: At the newest large-scale research facility of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI - the free-electron X-ray laser SwissFEL - the first experiment has been carried out successfully.

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