PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute
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Location: Villigen
Affiliation : Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat
Physics Jun 21
As fundamental building blocks of matter, protons are a part of all things that surround us. At the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, however, they step out of their usual role and are deployed to generate other particles, namely neutrons and muons, which are subsequently used to study materials.
Physics Jun 14

In 1999, PSI researchers founded the spin-off firm SwissNeutronics. Today the company has a staff of 15, sells high-precision components to research institutions all over the world, and still is based in the small town of Klingnau – not far from PSI.

Physics May 29

First, the engineers and the physicists had to find each other. Then, however, the company Daetwyler built the undulators for the free-electron X-ray laser SwissFEL of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI as precisely as was possible: to one-tenth of the width of a hair.

Chemistry May 4

New reaction for converting methane into methanol - In oil extraction sites, gaseous methane is simply burned, even though it could actually be a useful precursor material for fuels and products of the chemical industry.

Medicine Jun 7

Cancer affects only very few children. Nonetheless, malignant tumours can develop above all in the muscles, bones and nerve tissue of the very young.

Chemistry May 8

The invisible becomes visible within lithium-sulphur batteries - Materials researchers of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland have, in collaboration with the Université Grenoble Alpes (France), developed a method that could enable a breakthrough for the lithium-sulphur battery.

Medicine Apr 27

Protons can accurately target and eliminate cancerous cells by erasing their genetic substance DNA. Doctors at the Centre for Proton Therapy at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI use protons to treat patients with deep-seated tumours or ocular cancer.