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Location: Lausanne
Affiliation: Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat

EPFL is one of the two federal technical schools (university) in Switzerland. Like the ETH in Zurich, it has three missions: education of students, scientific research and technology transfer. EPFL is located near Lausanne on the shores of the Lake Geneva. It has a campus of more than 10,000 people. The school stimulates collaboration between students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs. These daily interactions give rise to new and work in science, technology and architecture.


Life Sciences - Aug 5
Scientists at EPFL's Brain Mind Institute have identified an enzyme that can play a central role in developing a new route of treatment for Huntington's Disease. Huntington disease is a progressive and aggressively debilitating brain disorder that causes uncontrolled movements, psychological problems, and loss of cognition.
History - Aug 4

Summer series: A calling for research. Sarah Kenderdine, head of the Laboratory for Experimental Museology in the College of Humanities, has spent the last four years tracing, photographing, and digitally reconstructing the seldom-told story of Buddhism's maritime spread across Asia.

Materials Science - Aug 3
Materials Science

Scientists have developed the first micro-structured fibers with a viscous metal inside - a perfect example of what cross-disciplinary teamwork can achieve.

Environment - Jul 30

High-efficiency solar panel manufacturer Insolight today announced the completion of a CHF 5 million fundraising round.

Astronomy - Jul 24

Due to the ongoing health crisis, the 15 international teams taking part in IGLUNA 2020 had to forget this year's field campaign.

Pharmacology - Aug 4

In a study led by EPFL, scientists have developed a synthetic blood-thinner that, unlike all others, doesn't cause bleeding side-effects.

Innovation - Jul 31

Researchers at EPFL and Bar Ilan University have developed a new type of embedded memory that takes up half as much space as traditional memory - and uses less energy - to store a given amount of data.

Earth Sciences - Jul 28
Earth Sciences

Summer series - A calling for research. Maartje Bastings, the director of the Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory, has found the right balance between her passion for trail running, her DNA research and her family - In the small mountain village of Commeire, in the Swiss canton of Valais, chalets perch precariously on steep slopes.

Computer Science - Jul 23

Adding to the richness of virtual reality, EPFL researchers have created soft actuators that can simulate the feeling of touching a virtual object with your fingers.  In the virtual world, the objects you pick up do not exist: you can see that cup or pen, but it does not feel like you're touching them.

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