Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETHZ

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETHZ
Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETHZ  
Location: Zurich
Affiliation: Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat

ETH Zurich is a science and technology university with an outstanding research record. ETH Zurich is the study, research and work place of 18,000 people from 80 nations. About 350 professors in 16 departments teach mainly in the engineering sciences and architecture, system-oriented sciences, mathematics and natural sciences areas and carry out research that is highly valued worldwide.

Administration - Apr 10
A number of recent media reports on the request for dismissal of an ETH astronomy professor have included quotes from internal and confidential documents relating to the ongoing proceedings. Given the growing public interest, as well as the need to ensure transparency and fairness, ETH Zurich has decided to publish anonymised versions of the final report of the administrative investigation and the recommendation of the special committee.
Administration - Apr 3

In its latest awarding process for the ERC Advanced Grants, the European Research Council (ERC) has selected five projects being conducted by ETH Zurich researchers. As a result, ETH will receive approximately 12.5 million euros in research funding.

Computer Science - Mar 19

The two technical universities have teamed up to offer a new Master's program that will train cyber security engineers. The program will kick off in the 2019'20 school year. As our society becomes increasingly connected, cyber threats ' whether in the form of stolen data, attacks on key infrastructure or large-scale hacking ' represent a growing risk.

Innovation - Feb 27

DFAB HOUSE has officially opened today on the NEST building of Empa and Eawag in Dübendorf. It is the world's first inhabited "house" that was not only digitally planned, but also ' with the help of robots and 3D printers ' built largely digitally.

Media - Mar 22

ETH Zurich provides an official comment on articles published recently in the online magazine Republik. In the past week, the online magazine Republik has published a number of articles on ETH Zurich (see part 1 / 2 / 3 / Interview.

Careers - Mar 14

ETH Zurich has submitted a request to the ETH Board to terminate the employment relationship with a professor in the former Institute for Astronomy. To avoid as far as possible similar cases from escalating in future, ETH Zurich is adapting its structures and processes and is launching a comprehensive package of measures to improve the quality of leadership and supervision at the university.

Architecture - Jan 29

The disciplinary investigation into the case of a professor in the Department of Architecture (D-ARCH) has now been concluded. The professor has been cleared of the allegation of sexual harassment, but was found to be in breach of ETH Zurich's Compliance Guide.

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