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Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich
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Location: Zurich
Affiliation: Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat

ETH Zurich is a science and technology university with an outstanding research record. ETH Zurich is the study, research and work place of 18,000 people from 80 nations. About 350 professors in 16 departments teach mainly in the engineering sciences and architecture, system-oriented sciences, mathematics and natural sciences areas and carry out research that is highly valued worldwide.

Physics - Nov 22
Two research groups from ETH Zurich have developed a method that can simulate nanoelectronics devices and their properties realistically, quickly and efficiently. This offers a ray of hope for the industry and data centre operators alike, both of which are struggling with the (over)heating that comes with increasingly small and powerful transistors.
Innovation - Nov 22

ETH researchers are using a 3D printing method to produce complex, highly porous glass structures.

Chemistry - Nov 20

This year Renana Gershoni-Poranne was awarded a Branco Weiss Fellowship. The ETH chemist will use the research grant to design innovative compounds that can be used in future generations of electronic devices.

Event - Nov 16

At the ceremony to mark the 164th anniversary of ETH Zurich, Rector Sarah Springman outlined how she wants to equip students for the future.

Materials Science - Nov 22
Materials Science

A protective membrane for cardiac pacemakers developed at ETH Zurich has proved successful in animal trials in reducing the undesirable build-up of fibrotic tissue around the implant.

Transport - Nov 19

ETH researchers have shown that we can use the structure of urban road networks to predict their traffic capacity.

Physics - Nov 15

Switching light beams quickly is important in many technological applications. Researchers at ETH have now developed an "electro-opto-mechanical" switch for light beams that is considerably smaller and faster than current models.

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