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Location: Zurich
Affiliation: Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat

ETH Zurich is a science and technology university with an outstanding research record. ETH Zurich is the study, research and work place of 18,000 people from 80 nations. About 350 professors in 16 departments teach mainly in the engineering sciences and architecture, system-oriented sciences, mathematics and natural sciences areas and carry out research that is highly valued worldwide.

Physics - Feb 19
Researchers at ETH have measured the timing of single writing events in a novel magnetic memory device with a resolution of less than 100 picoseconds. Their results are relevant for the next generation of main memories based on magnetism. At the Department for Materials of the ETH in Zurich, Pietro Gambardella and his collaborators investigate tomorrow's memory devices.
Environment - Feb 18

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out the way to a more sustainable world. But the 17 goals are not yet firmly anchored in everyday university life.

Chemistry - Feb 14

An international team of researchers has conducted a global review of all registered industrial chemicals: some 350,000 different substances are produced and traded around the world - well in excess of the 100,000 reached in previous estimates.

Life Sciences - Feb 10
Life Sciences

Microbial communities are known to be indispensable for our planet. But surprisingly little is known about how they function.

Life Sciences - Feb 15
Life Sciences

Bioengineers are on the brink of developing artificial organisms that will open up new applications in medicine and industry.

Materials Science - Feb 13
Materials Science

Two research groups at ETH Zurich have joined forces to develop a novel light detector. It consists of two-dimensional layers of different materials that are coupled to a silicon optical waveguide.

Life Sciences - Feb 10
Life Sciences

An international research team has studied genetic diversity among fish around the world for the first time.

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