University of Basel

University of Basel
Basel, North West Switzerland
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Location: Basel
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Die Universität Basel (Schweiz) ist eine Volluniversität mit 7 Fakultäten und über 70 Instituten.

Life Sciences Nov 2
Life Sciences
Extracellular polysaccharides play a central role in the survival capabilities of caries-causing bacteria in dental plaque, report researchers from the University of Basel's Preventative Dentistry and Oral Microbiology Clinic and Department of Biomedical Engineering in the journal Plos One.
Psychology Oct 30

People differ in their willingness to take risks. An individual's propensity for risk taking can also vary across domains.

Life Sciences Oct 24
Life Sciences

A clearly defined subpopulation of neurons in the brainstem is essential to execute locomotion at high speeds.

Medicine Sep 26

For some medical complaints, open-label placebos work just as well as deceptive ones. As psychologists from the University of Basel and Harvard Medical School report in the journal Pain, the accompanying rationale plays an important role when administering a placebo.

Medicine Oct 26

Although bacteria have no sensory organs in the classical sense, they are still masters in perceiving their environment.

Medicine Oct 16

The endogenous infection marker procalcitonin can help to guide the use of antibiotics when treating infections.

Life Sciences Sep 25
Life Sciences

In order to get rid of unpleasant competitors, some bacteria use a sophisticated weapon - a nanosized speargun.


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