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University of Bern
Bern, Bern region
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Location: Bern
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Environment Mar 14
A warming climate will shrink and fragment mountain hare habitat in the Swiss Alps. Populations are likely to decline as a result, concludes an international study led by the University of Bern and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL).
Medicine Mar 6

Rare plant species suffer more from disease than commoner species. The fact that rare species are more susceptible to attack by micro-organisms living in the soil, such as fungi and bacteria, may in fact be one of the reasons they are rare.

Life Sciences Feb 22

Pre-clinical animal research is typically based on single laboratory studies conducted under highly standardized conditions, a practice that is universally encouraged in animal science courses and textbooks.

Life Sciences Feb 21
Life Sciences

Trypanosomes are single-celled parasites that cause diseases such as human African sleeping sickness and Nagana in animals.

Astronomy Mar 5

Comets which consist of two parts, like Chury, can form after a catastrophic collision of larger bodies.

Medicine Feb 22

An international study co-led by the University of Bern offers important insights from a synthesis of 522 clinical studies.

Astronomy Feb 5

Researchers at the University of Bern are providing the most precise calculations so far of the masses of the seven planets around the star TRAPPIST-1.

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