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University of Lausanne  
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Civil Engineering - Dec 5
The 4th International Conference on Urban e-Planning, organized by the 'International Journal of E-Planning Research', in collaboration with the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning - University of Lisbon, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 23-24 April 2019.
Administration - Dec 4

The Swiss national agency Movetia launches two calls for international pilot projects for mobility and cooperation with extra-European institutions.

Life Sciences - Nov 23
Life Sciences

In a new study published in Science a team led by Prof. Petr Broz from the Department of Biochemistry identify a new mechanism to control immune cell death associated with inflammatory diseases, including sepsis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and arthritis.

Politics - Nov 19

Parution d'un numéro spécial de la revue Comparative European Politics consacré aux partis régionalistes populistes et édité par Reinhard Heinisch (Universität Salzburg), Emanuele Massetti (University of Surrey) et Oscar Mazzoleni (Université de Lausanne).

Innovation - Nov 28

Where does Switzerland as a start-up location stand in international comparison? How has it developed? What are the strengths and weaknesses' Now, we have data-based answers to these questions.

Earth Sciences - Nov 22

The next DMF Impromptu will be held on November 30th, 8:30-17:00, Biophore Auditorium, UNIL-Sorge. This year's one-day symposium at the Department of Fundamental Microbiology (the ‘DMF Impromptu) is dedicated to the topic of ‘Synthetic Ecology'.

Politics - Nov 19

The University of Hong Kong offers several scholarships for doctoral students. The University of Hong Kong offers several scholarships to foreign doctoral students.

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