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Pharmacology - Jul 31
A powerful new computational tool to identify the most promising pharmacological compounds and thus allow a much faster "screening". That is what has been developed thanks to the research carried out by Prof. Vittorio Limongelli's group of USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in collaboration with Prof. Siewert Marrink's group of University of Groningen (Netherlands). Published in open access mode in the important international , the study outlines a method able to accurately simulate the interaction between a series of drugs and their biological "targets". 
Art and Design - Jul 27
Art and Design

The Locarno Film Festival and the University of Italian-speaking Switzerland (USI) are to strengthen their partnership with the creation of a professorship dedicated to theoretical thought on the future of cinema and film festivals, entitled "Locarno Film Festival Professor for the Future of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts".

Economics - Jul 21

Lugano, St. Gallen, Barcelona, Lugano, New York, Lugano, Lisbon... these are the steps along the  academic career path of Virginia Gianinazzi, who has recently obtained her PhD in finance at USI and who will soon join the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon as Assistant Professor. In addition to this, her research work has just been awarded by the journal Review of Asset Pricing Studies.

Life Sciences - Jul 8

Nearly 200 billion naïve T cells continuously patrol the human body in a dormant state, prepared to respond to potential threats. An international group of researchers, led by Dr. Roger Geiger of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB, affiliated to USI), demonstrated how these cells sustain a constant state of preparedness. By better understanding of the complexity of this process, this study helps improve our knowledge of different pathophysiologies (including cancer biology), in which T lymphocytes do not function properly. The study was published on July 6 in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature Immunology .

Health - Jul 1

The Corona Immunitas campaign continues, led by the Swiss School of Public Health SSPH+ and supported by the Federal Office of Public Health, several cantons and numerous companies. USI and SUPSI are also involved in the Swiss-wide research programme for the collection of epidemiological data on immunity to SARS CoV-2, and the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the population. On the basis of the objectives of the national initiative, USI and SUPSI combine their expertise to focus on studies in the region through the Corona Immunitas Ticino project.

Agronomy - Jul 21

The Osservatorio dello sviluppo territoriale (OST) (Observatory of Territorial Development), based at USI Academy of Architecture, has developed, in collaboration with Centro di Competenze Agroalimentari Ticino (CCAT), an interactive map thanks to which residents, tourists and those involved in the catering industry can easily identify nearby local producers of the "Ticino a te" agri-food network. The tools and skills developed in the field of academic research are made available to the community with the aim of promoting the approximately 200 producers of the network and their local produce. The free map is part of a non-profit project and is available at www.arc.usi.ch/ticino-a-te.

Health - Jul 13

We continue our journey to discover the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences with Marta Fadda, post-doctoral researcher and lecturer, with whom we talk about social and cultural patterns, medical ethics and patient autonomy - a short trip around Switzerland, between Zurich, Bellinzona and Lugano, and a vist to the Middle East as well

Health - Jul 3

The 100%SwissDEM awareness-raising campaign, which is aimed at giving voice to the elderly to encourage the discussion on research and issues related to the health and well-being of the population aged 65 and over, has reached the halfway point. The USI Institute of Public Health (IPH), promoter of the initiative, renews the invitation to discover the 22 campaign endorsers who, through the videos available at the website www.centparcent.ch , explain the importance of the collaboration of the population in academic research.

Health - Jun 22

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world population hard, spreading throughout the globe since the beginning of the year and claiming more than 450,000 victims. The entire scientific community is engaged in an unprecedented effort to curb the progression of the disease, for which no specific cure is yet available. Università della Svizzera italiana is also contributing to this global cause through various research activities in different fields. In this context, the project "REDAC - REpositioned Drugs Against COVID-19" by Prof. Vittorio Limongelli and his research group aims at identifying, thanks to computational pharmacology, which existing drug could best defeat the virus.

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