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University of Zurich
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Location: Zurich
Affiliation: swissuniversities
Health - Jan 20
An imaging approach developed at UZH enables the study of breast cancer tissue in greater detail. It uses 35 biomarkers to identify the different cell types in breast tumors and its surrounding area compared to the current standard of testing single markers. This increases the precision of tumor analysis and classification - and improves personalized diagnostics for breast cancer patients.
Music - Jan 15

Complex learning processes like speaking or singing follow similar patterns. Using the example of zebra finches, researchers at UZH and ETH Zurich have investigated how young birds imitate the courtship songs of their fathers and practice them thousands of times.

Environment - Jan 9

It is well-established that biodiverse ecosystems generally function better than monocultures.

Health - Dec 10, 2019

Six researchers at the University of Zurich have been awarded ERC Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council.

Health - Jan 13

A team of researchers has developed a machine that repairs injured human livers and keeps them alive outside the body for one week.

Health - Dec 19, 2019

Painful inflammatory lesions of the skin and mucous membranes may occur in children who develop bacterial pneumonia.

Pharmacology - Nov 26, 2019

New migraine medications block αCGRP, a neuropeptide which causes vasodilation, for example in the meninges. The very same peptide, which is formed in the muscles during physical activity, protects the heart ' which is vital for people with chronic high blood pressure.

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