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University of Zurich
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University of Zurich  
Location: Zurich
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Careers - Aug 9
Three scientists of the University of Zurich have been awarded the EU's coveted ERC Starting Grants. The grants, each worth approx. 1.3 million euros, enable the researchers to pursue promising projects and build up their own research groups over the next five years.
Life Sciences - Aug 3
Life Sciences

Leaders are more willing to take responsibility for making decisions that affect the welfare of others.

Mathematics - Jul 24

The internationally renowned French-Brazilian mathematician Artur Avila has been appointed full professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Zurich.

Medicine - Jul 11

A new approach established at the University of Zurich sheds light on the effects of anti-cancer drugs and the defense mechanisms of cancer cells.

Life Sciences - Aug 2
Life Sciences

Innovation in the field of biomedicine: Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a novel method which increases more than tenfold the number of proteins that can be visualized per sampl

Life Sciences - Jul 12
Life Sciences

When a cell divides, its constituents are usually evenly distributed among the daughter cells. UZH researchers have now identified an enzyme that guarantees that cell constituents that are concentrated in organelles without a membrane are properly distributed.

Life Sciences - Jul 10
Life Sciences

Like with fingerprints, no two people have the same brain anatomy, a study by researchers of the University of Zurich has shown.

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