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Action Required: Invasive Fungus Is Killing European Salamanders

Medicine Apr 19
The situation is alarming: The invasive Asian fungus has recently led to mass mortality of fire salamanders in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Only small numbers of the black-yellow amphibian have survived the invasion of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans – the “devourer of salamanders.” The aggressive fungus, which presumably came to Europe through the amphibian trade, affects the skin of the animals, leading to the formation of skin necrosis and ultimately death.
Business Apr 11

Assessing the impact of climate risks on the financial system


In the wake of 2015 Climate Paris Agreements to limit global temperature below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, many governmental and private stakeholders have advocated for the introduction of policies to mitigate climate change.

Medicine Apr 4

Using drugs to weaken traumatic memories

Physical violence, war or a natural disaster can trigger posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those affected keep reliving the traumatic event – through memories that hit them out of the blue or as recurring nightmares.

Life Sciences Mar 14

Flies and bees act like plant cultivators

Life Sciences

Not much plant sex happens without pollinator insects: Bees, flies or butterflies transfer the male pollen grains to the stigma of a plant's female style, thereby ensuring its sexual reproduction.

Life Sciences Apr 10

Brain stimulation influences honest behavior

Life Sciences

Honesty plays a key role in social and economic life. Without honesty, promises are not kept, contracts are not enforced, taxes remain unpaid.

Medicine Mar 21

Testing the Efficacy of New Gene Therapies More Efficiently


Chronic Granulomatous Disease is a hereditary disease of the immune system. Due to a gene defect, phagocytes of affected patients are unable to kill ingested bacteria and fungi.

Life Sciences Mar 1

Molecular structure of the cell nucleoskeleton revealed for the first time

Life Sciences

Compared to bacteria, in eukaryotes the genetic material is located in the cell nucleus. Its outer shell consists of the nuclear membrane with numerous nuclear pores.

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