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Prospect for more effective treatment of nerve pain

Medicine Feb 20
The sharp pain shoots to the face or teeth and seriously torments patients. Known as trigeminal neuralgia, it is one of the worst chronic nerve pains. The bouts are triggered by touch, such as shaving, putting on make-up, showering, talking and tooth brushing, or even a gust of wind.
Environment Feb 17

A novel socio-ecological approach helps identifying suitable wolf habitats in human-dominated landscapes

The wolf was eradicated in Switzerland and from large parts of continental Europe including France and Germany by the end of the 19th century.

Life Sciences Feb 6

Psychotherapy normalizes the brain in social phobia

Anxiety in social situations is not a rare problem: Around one in ten people are affected by social anxiety disorder during their lifetime.

Life Sciences Jan 25

Early onset of winter triggers evolution towards smaller snow voles in Graubünden

Life Sciences

Adaptive evolution, i.e. genetic change via natural selection, plays a central role in how plant and animal populations guarantee their long-term survival.

Life Sciences Feb 7

Genetic defects in tooth enamel conducive to development of caries

Why do some people develop caries even though they always brush their teeth carefully while others are less stringent regarding dental hygiene yet do not have any holes' Ultimately, both have bacteria on the surface of their teeth which can attack the enamel.

Life Sciences Jan 26

LSD alters perception via serotonin receptors

Humans perceive everyday things and experiences differently and attach different meaning to pieces of music, for instance.

Environment Dec 20

University of Zurich to become global center for biodiversity research


Prof. Michael Schaepman, PhD Department of Geography University of Zurich Phone +41 44 635 51 60 E-mail Prof. Bernhard Schmid, PhD Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studie

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