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Testing the Efficacy of New Gene Therapies More Efficiently

Medicine Mar 21
Chronic Granulomatous Disease is a hereditary disease of the immune system. Due to a gene defect, phagocytes of affected patients are unable to kill ingested bacteria and fungi. This results in life-threatening infections and excessive inflammatory reactions that have numerous severe consequences.
Life Sciences Mar 14

Flies and bees act like plant cultivators

Life Sciences

Not much plant sex happens without pollinator insects: Bees, flies or butterflies transfer the male pollen grains to the stigma of a plant's female style, thereby ensuring its sexual reproduction.

Medicine Mar 1

From heroin addiction to alcohol-related problems


Around 3,000 heroin addicts currently receive opioids such as methadone, buprenorphine or morphine as part of their treatment in the Canton of Zurich.

Medicine Feb 20

Prospect for more effective treatment of nerve pain


The sharp pain shoots to the face or teeth and seriously torments patients. Known as trigeminal neuralgia, it is one of the worst chronic nerve pains.

Life Sciences Mar 1

Molecular structure of the cell nucleoskeleton revealed for the first time

Life Sciences

Compared to bacteria, in eukaryotes the genetic material is located in the cell nucleus. Its outer shell consists of the nuclear membrane with numerous nuclear pores.

Astronomy Feb 28

Cells adapt ultra-rapidly to zero gravity


Mammalian cells are optimally adapted to gravity. But what happens in the microgravity environment of space if the earth‘s pull disappears' Previously, many experiments exhibited cell changes – after hours or even days in zero gravity.

Environment Feb 17

A novel socio-ecological approach helps identifying suitable wolf habitats in human-dominated landscapes

The wolf was eradicated in Switzerland and from large parts of continental Europe including France and Germany by the end of the 19th century.

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