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Earth Sciences - Jun 24
Earth Sciences
Using more than 25'000 satellite images, Andrew Tedstone and Horst Machguth, two researchers from the University of Freiburg, have observed that the runoff of water from the melting of the Greenland ice sheet has increased significantly in recent years. This phenomenon, caused by global warming, contributes to a 1 mm rise in sea level each year
Environment - Jun 16

It is no secret that climate change has a serious impact on the quality and ecology of aquatic environments. Researchers at Eawag have revealed that human responses to climate change are just as impactful on our water systems - for example, in the areas of agriculture and hydropower.

Environment - Jun 9

Cryospheric ecosystems are some of the oldest on the planet. scientists have found that the microorganisms living in them have a unique genetic signature. They performed an inventory of the microorganisms in these ecosystems and complied the information into a database, which will be a useful resource for future studies on climate change microbiology.

Environment - Jun 9

When a plant community is exposed to drought, the different species undergo evolutionary changes. An international study with UZH participation now shows that this leads to improved resilience to future drought stress over time.

Environment - Jun 2

The Mobiliar Lab for Natural Risks of the University of Bern shows that far greater floods are possible in Switzerland than previously assumed. These extreme events underscore the importance of supra-regional emergency planning. A new modeling tool is designed to help manage large floods.

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