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Environment - Nov 30
Researchers at the University of Bern have developed a new method for the successive calculation of the emission reductions which are necessary for achieving temperature targets, such as the 2°C goal. The calculation method is based solely on observation rather than models and scenarios. According to the study, international climate policy has to become even more ambitious.
Environment - Nov 24

Together with the Canton of St. Gallen, Eawag has been investigating the impact of the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant at Flawil to include a stage for the removal of micropollutants on water quality in the River Glatt. Initial results now show a very positive picture.

Environment - Nov 16

Over 10,000 people in both the French and Swiss parts of the Lake Geneva region have been surveyed on their transportation habits, as the first element of a broader EPFL study on consumer lifestyles and behavior.

Environment - Nov 24

In Switzerland, tire and road wear particles are one of the biggest sources of microplastics released into the environment, yet the chemical compounds contained in those particles - and their effects - remain largely a mystery. To remedy that knowledge gap, scientists at EPFL and two other Swiss research institutes are conducting a study of the toxicity of tire-particle compounds and how readily they're absorbed by living organisms. The first phase of the study has just been completed.

Environment - Nov 15

Researchers at Eawag recommend setting up a monitoring system for antibiotic resistance in the synthesis report of the National Research Programme NRP 72 Antimicrobial resistance, similar to the wastewater monitoring for Sars-CoV-2.

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Environment - 02.12
PhD Student Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen PSI
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LeiterIn Forum Biodiversität Schweiz Akademie der Naturwissenschaften, Bern
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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter Business Innovation 80-100% Hochschule Luzern - Technik & Architektur, Horw/Luzern
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