Natural Sciences

Materials Science - Aug 7
Materials Science
Filter "paper" made from titanium oxide nanowires is capable of trapping pathogens and destroying them with light. This discovery by an EPFL laboratory could be put to use in personal protective equipment, as well as in ventilation and air conditioning systems. As part of attempts to curtail the Covid-19 pandemic, paper masks are increasingly being made mandatory.
Physics - Aug 6

Researchers at the University of Basel in collaboration with colleagues from Pisa have developed a new concept that uses the electron spin to switch an electrical current. In addition to fundamental research, such spin valves are also the key elements in spintronics - a type of electronics that exploits the spin instead of the charge of electrons. The results were published in the scientific journal Communications Physics.

Materials Science - Aug 3
Materials Science

Scientists have developed the first micro-structured fibers with a viscous metal inside - a perfect example of what cross-disciplinary teamwork can achieve.

Physics - Aug 3

Geneva. At the 40th ICHEP conference , the ATLAS and CMS experiments announced new results which show that the Higgs boson decays into two muons.

Astronomy - Jul 28

An international collaboration between ground-based and orbiting telescopes is shedding light on one of the mysteries of the universe.

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HSLU-I Assistentin / Assistenten Wirtschaftsinformatik (20-40%) Hochschule Luzern - Informatik, Rotkreuz
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Mathematics - 03.08
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