Natural Sciences

Physics - May 13
LiDAR is a technique used for measuring distances with laser light. In a study published in Nature, researchers at EPFL show a new way to speed up a type of LiDAR engine by using photonic circuits. Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) comprised an array of techniques using laser light to measure distances by multiplying the time delay between transmitted and received optical signals with the speed of light.
Physics - May 12

Researchers at EPFL's Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory (Nanolab), working under Professor Adrian Ionescu, have designed and demonstrated a new type of technology based on 2D semiconducting materials that's almost as energy-efficient as the human brain.

Criminology - May 8

Researchers supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation analysed how sadistic sexual murderers assaulting child victims commit their crimes and discovered a number of specific patterns.

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Computer Science - 08.05
Vizedirektor*in Ausbildung 80-100% Hochschule Luzern - Informatik
Mechanical Engineering - 08.05
Technical-scientific project manager hydrochemistry (m/f) 100% Nagra, Wettingen
Materials Science - 30.04
Faculty Position in Sustainable Materials EPFL, Lausanne
Interdisciplinary - 28.04
Wiss. Mitarbeiter Wiss. Mitarbeiterin Bereich Fernerkundung/ Schwerpunkt Waldwissenschaften Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmitteltechnologie, Zollikofen
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