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News - 9 Aug 2021
Sport - Health
Getting oxygenated blood to exercising muscles
Microscopically fine blood capillaries carry oxygen and nutrients to the muscles Zhang J, Tan G, Fitzgerald G, Gorski T, Alvarado-Diaz A, Gilardoni P, Adams CM, Ghesquière B, De Bock K: Exercise-induced angiogenesis is
News - 24 Jun 2021
Life Sciences - Environment
Eawag test with fish cells replaces animal experiments
Stained, healthy gill cells of a rainbow trout: Nuclei (blue), membranes (green) Norway (Sjur Andersen, Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency and Adam Lillicrap, NIVA). Eszter Simon (also at FOEN) supported the work as
News - 22 Apr 2021
Physics - Materials Science
Uniquely sharp X-ray viewSara Catalini, Laura Foglia, Riccardo Cucini, Florian Doring, Adam Kubec, Frieder Koch, Filippo Bencivenga, Andre Al Haddad, Alessandro
News - 21 Apr 2021
Life Sciences - Environment
A portable device for taking DNA measurements in the field
(Left to right) Jonathan Selz, Nicolas Adam and Cyril Monette. © Alain Herzog 20 the word. To help solve this problem, two EPFL graduates - Nicolas Adam in microengineering and Jonathan Selz in robotics - launched...
Short news - 31 Mar 2021
Agronomy/Food Science
Every bunny counts
(German only). References 1 Fountain, A.C. & Hütz-Adams, F. (2018). Cocoa Barometer 2018 . 2 Oya, C., Schaefer, F. &
Short news - 22 Mar 2021
Politics - Career
Working for Peace
Therese Adam: 'That's when I realised you can't have development without peace.' ETH alumna Therese Adam spent 28 years in the diplomatic service working for peace and
Short news - 10 Mar 2021
Psychology - Health
Reflecting on Your Own Capabilities Boosts ResilienceLiterature: Christina Paersch, Ava Schulz, Frank H. Wilhelm, Adam D. Brown and Birgit Kleim. Recalling Autobiographical Self-Efficacy
Short news - 28 Jan 2021
Health - Pharmacology
Four Bernese researchers receive Pfizer Prize
Ass. Carsten Riether, Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) of the Universit of the University Clinic of Pediatrics at Inselspital and Cécile Adam of the University Hospital of Lausanne has investigated if a higher...
News - 31 Aug 2020
Life Sciences - Physics
A universal structural deformation in all heme proteinscytochrome c." Other contributors Polish Academy of Sciences Adam Mickiewicz University...
News - 18 Aug 2020
Chemistry - Physics
Unraveling the initial molecular events of respiration
Myoglobin (right) and its heme region (left). Credit: Majed Chergui (EPFL) University, Japan Newcastle University European XFEL, Germany Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland Paul-Scherrer-Institut (PSI),
Short news - 11 Aug 2020
Hansjörg Wyss inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences class of 2019NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The Academy was founded in 1780 by John Adams, John Hancock, and others who believed the new republic should honor
News - 14 Apr 2020
Environment - Chemistry
Computer modelling deciphers the important role of the river-groundwater interface as a hot spot for arsenic release
Groundwater abstraction in Hanoi (Photo: Eawag) in drinking water. Ilka Wallis, Henning Prommer, Michael Berg, Adam Siade, Jing Sun, and Rolf Kipfer (2020). The river-groundwater...
Continuing Education - University of Geneva - Geneva
Environment - Event
Développement durable: horizon 2030 (2020)études de théologie à Paris, puis Genève, où il a fait sa thèse sur Adam Smith. Il est depuis 1998 professeur ordinaire d'éthique à la Faculté
Continuing Education - University of Geneva - Geneva
Environment - Event
Développement durable: horizon 2030 (2020)études de théologie à Paris, puis Genève, où il a fait sa thèse sur Adam Smith. Il est depuis 1998 professeur ordinaire d'éthique à la Faculté
News - 2 Mar 2020
Directed Species Loss from Species-Rich Forests Strongly Decreases Productivity
Field trial BEF-China in Xingangshan in the province of Jiangxi in southeast Chi Chen, Yuanyuan Huang, Pascal A. Niklaus, Nadia Castro-Izaguirre, Adam Thomas Clark, Helge Bruelheide, Keping Ma, Bernhard Schmid. Directed
Short news - 26 Nov 2019
Astronomy/Space - Event
Hans Sigrist Symposium 2019: Fascinating Exoplanet Science
The Dutch Astronomer Ignas Snellen receives the 100,000 Swiss franc prize from t Free admission, language of conference is English Speakers: Adam Burgasser, Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego
News - 10 Jun 2019
Life Sciences - Health
The cholera bacterium's 3-in-1 toolkit for life in the ocean
A network of DNA-uptake pili decorates the surface of a chitin particle colonise that's "a bit like a grappling hook'' says lead researcher David Adams. "The idea is that bacteria can throw out these long ropes, hook onto...
News - 13 May 2019
Environment - Materials Science
Microplastics in freshwaters
Microplastics can be found in all kinds of colours and shapes. Image: Bernd Nowa the environmental impact of microplastics. Together with Véronique Adam, Nowack has now carried out the world's first risk assessment for...
News - 7 Mar 2019
The deep Southern Ocean is key to more intense ice ages
Researchers from the University of Bern analysed a 169-metre-long sediment core Swiss National Science Foundation. During his PhD at ETH Zurich, Adam Hasenfratz cut the core into thousands of centimetre-thick slices,
Short news - 2 Dec 2018
Health - Pharmacology
Real-world data show Novartis drug Revolade improves outcomes for ITP patients compared to other second-line therapiesas they weigh options for second-line therapy with their patients." Adam Cuker, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of...