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News - 30 Jul 2018
Life Sciences - Health
How resistant cancer cells can be fought
Analysis of DNA repair mechanisms in cells using fluorescent microscopy. © Conra Noordermeer SM, Adam S, Setiaputra D, Barazas M, Pettitt SJ, Ling AK, Olivieri M,...
News - 13 Jun 2018
Life Sciences - Health
Big data identifies lipids as signatures of health and disease
Quiros, Karim Gariani, Maroun B. Sleiman, Rahul Gupta, Arne Ulbrich, Adam Jochem, Joshua J. Coon, Michael Trauner, David J. Pagliarini, Johan
News - 13 Apr 2018
Physics - Chemistry
Individual impurity atoms detectable in graphene
 Using the atomic force microscope's carbon monoxide functionalized tip (red/sil Hatakeyama, Rémy Pawlak, Tobias Meier, John Tracey, Ernst Meyer, Adam S. Foster Multiple heteroatom substitution to graphene nanoribbon
Short news - 21 Mar 2018
Health - Life Sciences
New Anti-Cancer Protein
 Scanning electron microscopy image of cancer cells. (Image: University of Basel Marco Colombi, Stephen R. Fuhs, Matthias S. Matter, Yakir Guri, Kevin Adam, Marion Cornu, Salvatore Piscuoglio, Charlotte K.Y. Ng, Charles Betz,
Short news - 16 Feb 2018
Time Machine in the running to become a FET Flagship
© 2018 EPFL DHLAB Venise Piazza San Marco and journals, and a high-speed scanner, developed in conjunction with Adam Lowe at Factum Arte, that can digitize a photographic record...
Short news - 8 Dec 2017
Life Sciences - Health
Acrobatic Duo in the Cells
 Like an acrobatic duo - single proteins lend each other greater stability. (Ima article Leonor Morgado, Björn M. Burmann, Timothy Sharpe, Adam Mazur, Sebastian Hiller The dynamic dimer structure of the chaperone...
News - 6 Dec 2017
StructuralNavigation Title
research team made up of Bern-based communications scientists (Silke Adam, Thomas Häussler, Ueli Reber and Hannah Schmid-Petri) wanted to know...
Short news - 22 May 2017
The race to trace TRAPPIST-1h
The orbits of the seven planets around the star TRAPPIST-1. The grey region is t Bolmont, Daniel Fabrycky, Catarina S. Fernandes, Valérie Van Grootel, Adam Burgasser, Michaël Gillon, James G. Ingalls, Emmanuël Jehin, Sean N.
Short news - 12 May 2017
Physics - Chemistry
Hydrogen Bonds Directly Detected for the First Time
 A hydrogen bond forms between a propellane (lower molecule) and the carbon mono atoms correspond very well to the calculations performed by Prof. Adam S. Foster from Aalto University in Finland. They show that the...
Short news - 13 Sep 2016
Chemistry - Physics
On-Surface Chemistry Leads to Novel Products
 Catalyzed by the copper atoms of the surface, the precursor molecule alters its Jeroen A. Buitendijk, Rémy Pawlak, Tobias Meier, Yoshito Tobe, Adam S. Foster, and Ernst Meyer Thermal control of a sequential
Job Offer - 7 Sep 2016 [archive] - Advanced Oncotherapy Plc - Flexible
Health - Computer Science
Software Systems Requirements Engineer - Medical DeviceADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Job Offer - 5 Sep 2016 [archive] - Advanced Oncotherapy Plc - Geneva
Mechanical Engineering
System Administrator - GenevaADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
News - 23 Aug 2016
Life Sciences - Health
Genetic Regulation of the Thymus Function Identified
 A single thymic epithelial cell (red) in contact with developing T'cells (white and tumors," says Holländer. Original article Saulius 'uklys, Adam Handel, Saule Zhanybekova, Fatima Govani, Marcel Keller, Stefano...
Job Offer - 15 Jul 2016 [archive] - ADAM SA
Architecture - Mechanical Engineering
System ArchitectADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Job Offer - 15 Jul 2016 [archive] - ADAM SA
Electroengineering - Physics
Electrical EngineerADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Short news - 17 May 2016
Health - Pedagogy
Parental education affects survival of children's cancer patientsaffluent country like Switzerland. The study was led by Dr. Martin Adam from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and by Professor...
Job Offer - 17 May 2016 [archive] - Advanced Oncotherapy Plc - CERN
Physics - Mechanical Engineering
Instrumentation EngineerADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Job Offer - 17 May 2016 [archive] - Advanced Oncotherapy Plc - Geneva
Physics - Mechanical Engineering
Electromechanical Technician (Geneva)Part of the AVO Group, ADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
News - 13 May 2016
Physics - Chemistry
Physicists Measure van der Waals Forces of Individual Atoms for the First Time
 Rare gas atoms deposited on molecular network are investigated with a probing t exactly 30 years ago. Original source Shigeki Kawai, Adam S. Foster, Torbjörn Björkman, Sylwia Nowakowska, Jonas Björk, Filippo...
News - 2 May 2016
Physics - Chemistry
Nuclear Pores Captured on Film
 Video imaging by high-speed AFM captures native nuclear pore complexes at work; in non-biological systems. Original source Yusuke Sakiyama, Adam Mazur, Larisa E. Kapinos and Roderick Y.H. Lim Spatiotemporal...