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Job Offer - 5 Feb 2016 [archive] - Advanced Oncotherapy Plc
Physics - Mechanical Engineering
RF Engineer / Accelerator PhysicistPart of the AVO Group, ADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Short news - 4 Feb 2016
Architecture - Innovation
Singapore's most energy efficient office by 2018
 The future of energy-efficient construction: exterior view of the '3for2@UWCSEA in the country. However, "these are very early days", says Dr Adam Rysanek, Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich and Project Manager of the...
Short news - 13 Jan 2016
Materials Science
Incorrect handling triggers explosion
Violent explosion after the LiPo battery had been heavily overcharged for around of one of the buildings. The same day, Empa battery expert Donat Adams gave several's to journalists on regional radio and television...
Job Offer - 6 Jan 2016 [archive] - ADAM SA
Computer Science
Technical Author – Electrical BiasADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Job Offer - 4 Jan 2016 [archive] - ADAM SA - Geneva
Electrical EngineerADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
Job Offer - 4 Jan 2016 [archive] - ADAM SA
Experimental Physicist (proton source expert)ADAM (Applications of Detector and Accelerators to Medicine) is a research
News - 5 Nov 2015
Life Sciences - Environment
Faster digestion in kangaroos reduces methane emissions
(jpg, 1014 KB) Australian kangaroos drinking. (picture A. Munn, University of Wo more time to digest, they produce more methane per food intake," says Adam Munn from the University of Wollongong.  The researchers conclude...
News - 14 Oct 2015
Life Sciences - Physics
3D Structure of a Protein Complex Important for Immune Response
 An inflammasome forms by assembly of the protein ASC to a long filament. (Image Sborgi, Francesco Ravotti, Venkata P. Dandey, Mathias S. Dick, Adam Mazur, Sina Reckel, Mohamed Chami, Sebastian Scherer, Matthias Huber,
Short news - 21 Nov 2014
Health - Innovation
Novartis Foundation symposium showcases sustainable healthcare interventionsmaking progress toward becoming a social enterprise. Isaac Adams, Director Research, Statistics and Information for the Ministry of...
News - 15 Jul 2014
Physics - Chemistry
Smallest Swiss Cross – Made of 20 Single Atoms
20 bromine atoms positioned on a sodium chloride surface using the tip of an ato devices and logic circuits. Original source: Shigeki Kawai, Adam S. Foster, Filippo Federici Canova, Hiroshi Onodera, Shin-ichi...
Short news - 15 Jun 2012
Microtechnics - Computer Science
The robot that always lands on its feetrobot that could duck around obstacles," explains project leader Adam Klaptocz, "but in a chaotic environment it wasn't reliable, and it...
Short news - 23 Sep 2010
IBM opens three new analytics centers in Europemaking capability and more certainty about business outcomes," said Adam Klaber, general manager, consulting services and analytics, IBM...
News - 21 Apr 2010
Le code des matériaux d'oxyde
Elektronische Bauelemente sind aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Nanostrukturen aus Oxiden könnten es ermöglichen, dass diese in Zukunft noch schneller und leistungsfähiger werden. Dank einer neuen Methode ist es einem Forschungsteam nun gelungen, die elektronischen Eigenschaften solcher Oxid-Nanostrukturen besser zu verstehen.
News - 23 Jan 2009
Psychology - Health
Wie erinnert sich das Immunsystem an die letzte Grippe?Nach einer Infektion bleiben im Immunsystem Gedächtniszellen und spezifische Antikörper erhalten, die bei einem erneuten Kontakt mit dem Erreger eine schnelle Abwehr ermöglichen. Basler Immunologen konnten nun einen Mechanismus beschreiben, der bei der Entstehung der Gedächtniszellen eine wichtige Rolle spielt.