The most important airports are Zurich, Geneva and Basel-Mulhouse. All relevant fly companies travel from/to those airports.

  • Zurich airport is the biggest airport in Switzerland and N.12 in the Europe, if you consider the traffic of passengers. Travel from/to Zurich is typically more expensive than other Swiss airports.
  • the low-cost company Ryanair flies only from/to the Bâle-Mulhouse Euro-airport, because it is managed by 3 countries: Switzerland, French and Germany.

Moreover, there are 11 small airports and aerodromes, among them the most important is the Bern airport from where planes take-off towards 11 destinations mainly in Europe.

Public transports

Public transports work very efficiently in Switzerland, in general the quality of the service is higher the average quality in Europe.

  • Buses and trams are organized locally, and, therefore, you should look for information directly in the town where you live. It worth to notice that buses are organized also for ski stations and for the most important tourist attractions.

  • Trains the Federal Rail service connect all towns, many villages and tourist locations. They offer also interesting solution for holidays. If you use public transports, it is worth buying travelcarsds:

    • GA travelcards are expensive but they cover all transports: trains, mountain trains, bus,...

    • Half-Fare travelcards allows you to pay only half of the ordinary ticket fare. This boon is granted also on most private rail networks and mountain railways, and applies to both 1st and 2nd class. You can buy the HF travelcards for 1,2, or 3 years, and prices depend on validity period.

Travelling by car

All information you need in our car and drive page.


Taxis are ordered by telephone or obtained at all railway stations in towns as well as at taxi ranks. The fares are always metered (including tip). Taxis are however relatively expensive. Count up to 5 CHF per km into downtown.