mean salary in switzerland

mean salary in switzerland

The salary depends highly on the sector, on education, on age and on the canton (region). The following data means the median value. That means, that 50% of the employees earn more and 50% earn less. The median salaries are calculated on a weekly 40 hours basis (source: FOS).

Median Gross Salary

The gross monthly wage in the private and public sector (all levels of education, all ages) was CHF 6,665 in 2020. Wages in the private sector were CHF 6,361 and in the public sector CHF 8,012.

Salary for university graduates

The monthly gross wage (median) for academic professions in 2020 was CHF 8,671 (all age groups, women and men). Employees in top and upper management earned CHF 10,531 gross and employees in lower management CHF 8,762.

In the R&D sector, employees in upper and top management earned CHF 13,873 (median) in 2020.

Salary per industry sector

Wages in Switzerland vary greatly depending on the industry. In the following industries, the wage in 2020 was significantly above the median wage (all education levels, all ages): Insurance: CHF 8,734, Information Technology and Information Services: CHF 9,316, Financial Services: CHF 10,211 and Pharmaceuticals: CHF 10,040.

The highest management salaries are paid to employees in the pharmaceutical industry: CHF 19,248, the financial services industry: CHF 15,058 and the insurance industry: CHF 14,395.

Salary estimator

Your salary depends on your education, on the field you are working in, on the region, on your experience and on the company. You can calculate the monthly mean gross salary that you can expect in Switzerland with the salary calculator (only in German and French).

Poverty level

In 2020, the poverty line averaged CHF 2279 per month for a single person and CHF 3963 per month for a household with two adults and two children under 14.

All persons in Switzerland aged between 20 and 59 living in a household whose monthly income after deduction of social security and taxes is below the poverty level are considered as poor.


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