Retail banks: cryptocurrencies on the rise as an investment

Innovation - May 28

Despite widespread skepticism, more and more retail banks are offering cryptocurrencies as a fully-fledged asset class. While some banks are specifically building up their own expertise in blockchain, most are relying on third-party providers. These are the findings of a new study by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Environment - May 27

Better archiving of genetic data


Every year, researchers upload vast amounts of genetic information to publicly accessible databases. An international team of researchers led by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL is calling in the scientific Journal "Nature Ecology & Evolution" for this to be done in a standardised form, in order to enable comprehensive reuse of the data.

Life Sciences - May 27

Alzheimer’s disease risk: hyperactivation of memory circuits

By exploring the effects of sport on memory, scientists from the University of Geneva have discovered compensatory mechanisms in the brains of young individuals at genetic risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Cultural Networks of Central African Hunter-Gatherers Have Ancient Origin

Social Sciences

Extensive social networks between different hunter-gatherer groups in the Congo Basin existed long before agriculture arrived in the region. This continent-wide exchange preserved a cultural diversity that evolved thousands of years ago, as researchers from the University of Zurich show based on musical instruments, specialized vocabulary and genetic information.

Life Sciences - May 27

How and why different cell division strategies evolve

Life Sciences

Scientists, in collaboration with researchers at EMBL Heidelberg, have discovered that a group of marine protists (eukaryotic organisms) closely related to animals use open or closed mitosis based on their life cycle stages, suggesting that the way animal cells perform cell division evolved long before animals themselves.

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