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Philosophy - Economics - Jul 1
EPFL professor Anthony Davison and co-authors provide a mathematical basis for concerns about ethical implications of AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly deployed around us and may have large potential benefits.
Environment - Economics - Jun 26

Lorenz Keysser believes that in order to overcome ecological crises, we must recognise affluence as a main driver and fundamentally reconsider our economy and lifestyle.

Economics - May 25

USI Institute for Economic Research (IRE, Faculty of Economics) covers various areas, including the study of the evolution of electricity prices in Ticino, Switzerland and the European Union. Alessandra Motz, PhD candidate at IRE, is responsible for energy market analysis for the Public Finance and Energy Observatory (O-FPE) and recently dealt with the report "The wholesale electricity market", which analyses the dynamics observed in this field during 2019 and early 2020. She offers us an interesting retrospective of what is happening in Europe with regard to energy policies and geopolitics, which also have a significant impact on the national market.

Health - Economics - May 11

How are Middle East Mediterranean countries reacting to the ongoing crisis, which adds to the existing fragility and geopolitical tensions? Dr Federica Frediani, coordinator of the USI Middle East Mediterranean Freethinking Platform, and Berat Kjamili from Turkey, young change-maker at last year's MEM Summer Summit organised by USI, talk to us about this issue in a video.

Environment - Economics - Jun 16
Environment - Economics

Climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation and the current pandemic crisis make it obvious. The need for a more sustainable world has never been as urgent as it is today. But how do we transition to a sustainable economy? The National Research Programme "Sustainable Economy: resource-friendly, future-oriented, innovative" (NRP 73) is creating knowledge that can support Switzerland in addressing this question. It has now published its first report, on the state of research at the midway point.

Economics - Health - May 18

As we enter a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the gradual reopening of productive and commercial activities, many people are wondering if and how we will return to normal and, above all, if there will be an effective economic recovery ahead.

Economics - May 6

The experimental approach to scientific research is a fundamental element in the vast world of natural and technical sciences. Social sciences, including economics, also use the experimental approach. In a contribution recently published in the economic and financial newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft , François Degeorge ,, professor of finance at USI and director of the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI), compares scientific and ideological experiments.

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