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Business - Apr 16
UNIGE researchers have found that we are more confident in our decisions - and execute our choices more quickly - if we're chasing a reward... but we're more flexible when trying to avoid being punished. Does the potential to win or lose money influence the confidence one has in one's own decisions' Does either of them help learn more quickly? Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and ENS Paris, investigated confidence bias in a learning context through a system of monetary punishment and reward.
Business - Mar 15

EPFL has adopted an Open Access Policy clearly setting out its position on open access to EPFL publications. The School has also published an amendment to its copyright transfer agreement to assist authors in their negotiations with publishers.

Business - Feb 28

Small and medium-sized towns are increasingly appearing on the radar of policy makers all over Europe.

Environment - Business - Mar 6
Environment - Business

Judit Leinert, you're a specialist in good decision making. How can I decide on the perfect place to go on holiday this summer? In my research group, we approach decision making with the help of "Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis", or MCDA.

Business - Feb 11

People are evidently no good at predicting their own happiness or unhappiness: key life events such as marriage, invalidity or the death of a partner affect well-being for less time than those affected think.

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