Gaining a better understanding of brittle bone disease - without animal experiments

Life Sciences - Jun 13
Life Sciences

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a cell-based bone model to help investigate the cause of this genetic condition. For someone suffering from brittle bone disease, life is fraught with complications. The slightest misstep, a seemingly harmless fall or even one false move can be all'it takes to leave them with a broken arm or leg.

6,000 years ago, men and women had equal access to resources

History & Archeology

A team from the University of Geneva shows that all the people who lived and were buried in Barmaz necropolises (Switzerland) during the Neolithic period had the same access to food resources.

Gender Equality Linked to Men Eating More Meat

In wealthier countries with greater gender equality, men are more likely to eat meat more frequently than women, a new study reveals. The research team, led by the University of Zurich, examined the meat consumption patterns of more than 20,000 people from 23 countries. The findings could inform strategies for promoting plant-based and cultured meat as viable alternatives to traditional meat consumption.

Environment - Jun 13

Impact of high-temperature heat storage on groundwater


In a recently launched project, the aquatic research institute Eawag is investigating how the use of borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) affects the surrounding soil, the groundwater and the microorganisms living in it. In collaboration with Empa and its Demonstrator Energy Hub (ehub), a project is being developed in a unique setting on the campus in Dübendorf.

Physics - Jun 13

Miniaturizing a laser on a photonic chip


Scientists at EPFL have successfully miniaturized a powerful erbium-based biber laser on a silicon-nitride photonic chip. Since typical erbium-based fiber lasers are large and difficult to scale down, the breakthrough promises major advances in optical communications and sensing technologies.

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