Pharmacology - Aug 4
In a study led by EPFL, scientists have developed a synthetic blood-thinner that, unlike all others, doesn't cause bleeding side-effects. The highly potent, highly selective, and highly stable molecule can suppress thrombosis while letting blood clot normally following injury. Patients who suffer from thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or stroke are usually put on drugs that help their blood flow more smoothly through their body.
Life Sciences - Aug 4
Life Sciences

Researchers have succeeded in measuring the tension of the membrane of an organelle forming inside a cell.

Materials Science - Aug 3
Materials Science

Scientists have developed the first micro-structured fibers with a viscous metal inside - a perfect example of what cross-disciplinary teamwork can achieve.

Physics - Aug 3

Geneva. At the 40th ICHEP conference , the ATLAS and CMS experiments announced new results which show that the Higgs boson decays into two muons.

Pharmacology - Jul 31

A powerful new computational tool to identify the most promising pharmacological compounds and thus allow a much faster "screening". That is what has been developed thanks to the research carried out by Prof. Vittorio Limongelli's group of USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in collaboration with Prof. Siewert Marrink's group of University of Groningen (Netherlands). Published in open access mode in the important international , the study outlines a method able to accurately simulate the interaction between a series of drugs and their biological "targets". 

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