Life Sciences - Sep 25
Life Sciences
How is it possible that so many different and highly specific neurons arise in the brain? A mathematic model developed by researchers from the University of Basel's Biozentrum demonstrates that different variants of genes enable such a random diversity. The scientists describe in "Cell Reports" that despite countless numbers of newly formed neurons, the genetic variants equip neurons individually and precisely for their specific function.
Life Sciences - Sep 25
Life Sciences

Many wild and cultivated plants arise through the combination of two different species. The genome of these so-called polyploid species often consists of a quadruple set of chromosomes - a double set for each parental species - and thus has about twice as many genes as the original species.

Physics - Sep 24

EPFL's SolAce pilot unit was inaugurated today at the NEST R&D center on the Empa campus in Dübendorf, Switzerland.

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