announce a continuing education program

announce a continuing education program

With more than 50’000 unique visitors and about 200’000 page impressions per month, is the largest service portal for researchers and academics in Switzerland.


  • Targeted on academics, scientists, researchers and specialized staff: our visitors are mainly researchers, scientists and academics. They have the requirements to follow a continuing education program in a university and often works in fields which require a continuing education.
  • Diffusion Network: your programme is announced on and the dedicated portal
  • International visibility: 55% of visitors from abroad (mainly from France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA).
  • Excellent presentation and search engine optimization: we create a page for each program of continuing education. Pages of are in general very good ranked by search engines.
  • Individual services and personal advice: you can publish a program during one year. If necessary, we do the changes you want, at any time and for free. So you can announce a program early, even if some details of your program are still not completely defines. We do the updates for you at the moment you want.


  • Publication: publish a continuing education program in our portal. You can announce a program during one year.
  • Advertisement: if you have created a new program or if you want to promote a program, it is possible to advertise it on (­vices/advertising).


  • 580 CHF for one program of continuing education during one year
  • Discounts from 2 publications

Price per program and year (CHF)


 1 580  
 2 to 4 522  10%
 5 to 9 464  20%
 10 406  30%


We offer also large discounts for publications planed during several years.


If you are interested to publish a programme, do no hesitate to contact us.