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With about 50’000 unique visitors and 200’000 page impressions per month, is the portal for scientists and academics in Switzerland.

Media Data

Unique visitors 50‘000 per month
Number of page impressions 200’000 per month
Average time spent on* 3 min

*Source: Google Analytics

Advertising on Prices (without VAT)

Position Price for 1000 Page Impressions (CPM) in CHF

Price per Week (CHF)*

Full Banner 468x60 center (top) 20 1000.00
Skyscraper 160x600 right (top) 30 1500.00
Button 160x90 left / right 10 500.00

*One week corresponds to at least 50’000 page impressions.


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You pay only per page impression, i.e. how many times a page containing your ad has been visited. If you publish for example a button during one week, your ad is displayed on 50’000 pages.


  • Minimal unit of trading: one week
  • Size: Max 20KB (jpeg, gif, png, etc)
  • Postitioning on every second page (run of site).


Ads on can be targeted by:

  • Visitor’s language
  • Day or time
  • Content of pages

Why online-advertising?

About two third of advertisers say that online advertising has a positive effect on customer acquisition, sales, intent to purchase, and brand awareness and that online advertising is important (Source: European Interactive Advertising Association). One automotive company is quoted saying: "[The best about Internet advertising is] the ability to target individuals and offer a deeper brand experience than a 30 sec TV ad can do."

Furthermore, a new study proves that online advertising has an effect even when users do not click the ads (read more).

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