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Location: Zurich - Zurich region

Mediality - Historical Perspectives

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), Mediality - Historical Perspectives, focuses on the historicity of media and mediality. It investigates forms of communication before the era of mass-media and technologically oriented media discourses. Through the analysis of texts, images, maps, sculptures, architecture, textiles, sounds and films particular situations are examined, in which change in communication practices, new dynamics in medial forms, and reflection on the conditions of communication become palpable. The main question is what can act as a medium, and what are the specific conditions that make mediacy possible. Participating fields of the NCCR are: German literature and linguistics, history, history of art, film studies, musicology, Scandinavian studies, romance literature and linguistics, as well as law.

Home institution: University of Zurich

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