Medicine and Life Sciences

The genetic ’switches’ of bone growth

Life Sciences - Jun 14
Life Sciences

Scientists at the University of Geneva have identified the genetic sequences that regulate the activity of the genes responsible for bone growth. In mammals, only 3% of the genome consists of coding genes which, when transcribed into proteins, ensure the biological functions of the organism and the in-utero development of future individuals.

Life Sciences - Jun 13

Gaining a better understanding of brittle bone disease - without animal experiments

Life Sciences

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a cell-based bone model to help investigate the cause of this genetic condition.

Life Sciences - Jun 12

Fruit fly brain shows how simple commands turn into complex behaviors

Life Sciences

Researchers at EPFL have discovered how networks of neurons in fruit flies transform simple brain signals into coordinated actions. This sheds light on the neural mechanisms underlying complex behaviors for potential application in robotics.

Life Sciences - Jun 12

Human Brains Can Tell Deepfake Voices from Real Ones

Life Sciences

Do our brains process natural voices and deepfake voices differently? Research conducted at the University of Zurich indicates that this is the case. In a new study, researchers have identified two brain regions that respond differently to natural and deepfake voices.

Health - Jun 10

Lung organoids unveil secret: How pathogens infect human lung tissue


How do pathogens invade the lungs? Using human lung microtissues, a team at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel has uncovered the strategy used by a dangerous pathogen. The bacterium targets specific lung cells and has developed a sophisticated strategy to break through the lungs' line of defense.

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