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Location: Geneva
Route des Jeunes 1, 1227 Les Acacias

Discipline: Chemistry

The art of flavor and fragrance creation is fuelled by proprietary knowledge and ingredients developed by our Innovation Community, a cross-functional team of scientists, perfumers, flavorists and application specialists.

The richness of nature and the unlimited curiosity of our scientists, coupled to the most recent developments in the scientific fields of chemistry, biology, materials science and neuroscience are opening new avenues to designing the fragrances and flavors of the future.

Capitalizing on the most advanced analytical and biological methods, and the use of ’green’ process chemistry, we have become the leading supplier of unique materials to our customers and competitors.

Since our life-long collaboration with Professor Leopold Ruzicka, Nobel prize laureate for chemistry in 1939 and Firmenich’s first Research Director, we have continued to foster research partnerships with outside institutions and leading universities around the world. One of the latest partnership is our 3-year collaboration with Senomyx, a leading company which is focused on using proprietary taste receptor based assays for the discovery of novel cooling agents.

Each year, Firmenich invests 10% of the company revenues in our Innovation Community. Corporate Research, which is part of this Community, has over 250 employees located in Geneva (Switzerland), Princeton, NJ (USA), and Shanghai (China). All three centers work closely together with the creation, application and business development teams of the flavor and perfumery divisions.