Cesare Alippi appointed scientific director of IDSIA

The Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA), a joint USI-SUPSI institute, has appointed Prof. Cesare Alippi as its new Scientific Director. Prof. Alippi is a professor at USI Faculty of Informatics and Politecnico Milano. The Institute’s 35th-anniversary event on 26 September 2023 will feature an inaugural lecture to celebrate his appointment to the top management of IDSIA.

"The appointment of Prof. Cesare Alippi further strengthens IDSIA’s leadership during a crucial time for the development of artificial intelligence’s role in society", - underlines the Director of the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies, Prof. Andrea Emilio Rizzoli. "A leading researcher in his field, with a vast network of scientific collaborations in several countries, together with the other two Scientific Directors, Prof. Marco Zaffalon and Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber , he will contribute to outlining future avenues of research to develop the IDSIA’s scientific profile further".

Cesare Alippi is a Pro-Rector for Internationalisation at USI, a Professor at USI Faculty of Informatics and Politecnico Milano (Italy), Visiting Professor at the Guandong University of Technology, Guangzhou (China), and Advisory Professor at the Northwestern Polytechnic in Xi’An (China). In addition, he has been Visiting Researcher / Professor at UCL (UK), MIT (US), ESPCI (France), CASIA (China), A*STAR (Singapore) and UKobe (Japan). Cesare Alippi is an IEEE and an ELLIS Fellow, sits on the Board of Governors of the International Neural Network Society; he has served the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society in various roles, including member of the Administrative Committee, Vice-President and chair of the Awards committee. Alippi has received several international awards, including the International Neural Networks Society Gabor award. His research is positioned at the intersection of machine learning and intelligent dedicated systems, focusing on topics related to Adaptation and learning in non-stationary environments, Graph learning and Intelligence for embedded, IoT and cyber-physical systems. He holds eight patents, has published a monographic book (also translated into Chinese), edited seven books and is (co-)author of more than 250 scientific articles in journals and conference proceedings of international conferences.

The Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies (IDSIA USI-SUPSI) is a joint research institute of the Faculty of Informatics at USI and the Department of Innovative Technologies at SUPSI. Its research topics cover various aspects of artificial intelligence: algorithms and theory of artificial intelligence and computer science, machine learning (deep neural networks, graph neural networks, reinforcement learning), intelligent control of networked systems, geometric and visual computation, information retrieval and natural language processing, and autonomous robotics. IDSIA, founded in Lugano in 1988 by Angelo Dalle Molle (1908-2002), will be celebrating its 35th anniversary on 26 September 2023 at the East Campus. This will be a registration-only event, and more information about the program and registration will be available in the coming weeks.