Harmonising research and industry in space

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The Space Exchange Switzerland consortium presented the SXS consortium and the opportunities for harmonisation between research and industry in the space sector to a delegation of USI academics on 25 May. The national contact points for satellite data were also presented.

After the welcome address by Deputy Rector Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, the head of [email protected] , Gregoire Bourban , took the floor. The topic of harmonisation between industry and research was explored in depth by Deborah Mueller (ETH Zurich) and Julien Bonnaud (EPFL): thanks to the tools presented, researchers will have the opportunity to align their research and technologies with the ESA roadmap (the areas of harmonisation selected for 2023 are defined: they range from photonics to life-support technologies, systems modelling and simulation tools, and Big Data - see complete list) .

In closing, Claudia Roeoesli from the University of Zurich presented the potential of satellite data and the relevant points of contact at the national level.