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Campus - Research Management - 01.07.2022

Health - 30.06.2022
Digital awareness: trust and the features health apps should have to make us trust them
Digital awareness has gained importance in the public discourse in the past years.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 14.06.2022
Technology transfer activities to industry on the rise at USI
With USI Transfer in 2021, the UniversitÓ della Svizzera italiana (USI) and its affiliated institutions registered 40 new research contracts and 150 new agreements about technology transfer and 8 new patent applications filed.

Linguistics / Literature - 13.06.2022
Words that wound, words that heal - Interview with Sara Greco
The conference " Domestic Violence and Language ", offered as part of "Convergence and Distance," a cultural project devised by the USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, has been held in the USI Auditorium on 16 May.

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 16.05.2022

Life Sciences - Social Sciences - 09.05.2022
Cyberbullying: the viewpoint of social neuroscience
Cyberbullying: the viewpoint of social neuroscience
Responsible digitalisation is one of the key themes chosen by USI for 2022, which we explore in depth thanks also to Dr Rosalba Morese 's neuroscientific studies on cyberbullying and isolation.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 15.04.2022

Computer Science - 11.04.2022

Social Sciences - Law - 11.04.2022
Companies, accountability, corruption. Understanding things to change them
The popular initiative "For Responsible Businesses - Protecting Humans and the Environment" was filed in Switzerland in 2016.

Economics / Business - 04.04.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 21.02.2022
Consumer Barometer of Renewable Energy 2021: Ticino’s views and preferences on energy and the challenge of climate change
Measuring the sensitivity of Swiss residents to the problem of climate change and possible solutions: it is the objective of the Consumer Barometer of Renewable Energy 2021, a study that the Chair of

Computer Science - 11.01.2022
From Green- to Machinewashing: misleading information in the digital age
People today tend not to fall anymore for the unhealthy practice of organisations providing misleading information by about their societal and environmental responsibilities. Greenwashing techniques, which were first noticed in the 1960s, are in fact easier to identify and organisations are urged to 'come clean'.

Pharmacology - Health - 29.11.2021

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 26.11.2021
The socio-economic scenarios of confronti 2021
The socio-economic scenarios of confronti 2021
Life, work, travel. At confronti 2021, which took place at the LAC Lugano on November 16, researchers, practitioners and the public discussed these topics from different viewpoints and disciplines, consistent with the recent developments of scientific research.

Environment - Economics / Business - 22.11.2021

Research Management - Career - 15.11.2021
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