optional insurances

optional insurances

Besides the compulsory insurances like OASI, DI etc. there are other useful insurances. Personal libility insurance and household insurance are briefly described below.

Comparis provides an overview about the possibilities and conditions of all kind of insurances.

Personal Liability

The insured persons are covered for the consequences of their behaviour in private life. The insurance covers damages worldwide, which have occurred during the term of the contract. It expires however, if you transfer your residence abroad, at the next premium renewal date or immediately upon your instruction.

Insured persons are covered for legal liability as follows: Personal damage to people, i.e. death, injury or other damage to health. Material damage or destruction, i.e. damage or loss of objects, death, injury or loss of pets.

Household Insurance

A household insurance covers all serviceable, moveable items which are for private use and are the property of the insured. It includes leased or rented items, guests‘ belongings and items entrusted for private use. The insurance is valid at home, i.e. the address specified in the policy.

Other insurances

Other current insurances are

  • Motor vehicle insurance

  • Traffic and private legal protection

  • Medical and accident insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Business/Professional insurance

  • Daily allowance in case of incapacity to work