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Physics - Materials Science
Empa Empa Dübendorf
The Swiss NanoConvention is the prime showcase for nanotechnology in Switzerland, jointly organized by the «who-is-who» in the Swiss nano scene. It is the venue for meeting the great minds in nanoscience and -technology.   Key topics of the ...
Health - Materials Science
Empa Empa Dübendorf
Topic Novel materials can be beneficial for a plethora of health and health care innovations in and on the human body. We develop and carry out cutting-edge research on new materials and systems to protect and support the human body and its function ...
Electroengineering - Materials Science
Empa Empa Dübendorf
OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE Our daily living is governed by a comprehensive, omnipresent and ubiquitous information network with a remarkably small, continuously shrinking "grid size". Implanted and portable biomedical devices, sensor-assisted navigation, ...