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Frentix GmbH
Frentix GmbH - Regione di Zurigo | Okenstrasse 6, 8037 Zürich | We offer various services for the open source learning management system (LMS) OLAT: ASP, hosting, operating and management, support, training and development.
JLS goodsolutions GmbH
JLS goodsolutions GmbH - Regione di Zurigo | Zürich | We develop sophisticated web applications in Java/J2EE and e-learning solutions based on the open source learning management system (LMS) OLAT.
kspace muntwiler+gresch
... kspace muntwiler+gresch - Regione di Zurigo | Kalkbreitestrasse 76, 8003 Zürich | kspace groups it's business Year of foundation: 2004
OLZ AG | Marktgasse 24, 3011 Bern | OLZ is an independent finance company. It offers top-quality service in the areas of wealth management and consulting.

Platit | Eichholzstrasse 9, 2545 Selzach
Sarmap SA
Sarmap SA | Via Stazione 52, 6987 Caslano | sarmap s.a. is an owner managed high-tech company in the field of remote sensing and geographical information systems.