FH Switzerland announces the average salary for UAS graduates

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UAS salary survey 2019. Photo: FH Switzerland
UAS salary survey 2019. Photo: FH Switzerland

Some 15,000 people took part in the 2021 study on the salaries and skills of UAS graduates conducted by FH Switzerland, the umbrella association for graduates of Swiss universities of applied sciences. The results of the study show that the median salary for graduates is CHF 99,450 per year for Switzerland as a whole and CHF 85,150 specifically in French-speaking Switzerland.

The calculation of the median annual salary of 85,150 francs in French-speaking Switzerland is based on the information of 2092 respondents. By sector, again in French-speaking Switzerland, it is 75,947 francs in health, 87,500 francs in social work, 90,000 francs in economics and services. In the rest of the country, economists earn more than other UAS graduates. Overall, the most lucrative sectors are the pharmaceutical industry, chemicals, insurance and finance.

Positions of responsibility

Although more than 70% of the participants in the study are under 40 years of age, almost 60% of them work in management positions and earn between CHF 101,000 and 133,000 per year. Those who have completed an MAS in continuing education are more likely than those with other diplomas to work in a management position (80%). "This study confirms once again that university graduates play a key role in the economy.This study confirms once again that graduates of universities of applied sciences play an important role in society and in the economy", says Toni Schmid, Director of FH Switzerland.

Changing skills

The study also looked at the skills that are currently required and those that will be required in the future. According to the respondents, the role of specialized knowledge will become less important in the next five years, while methodical and social skills will become more significant.