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Affiliation: Federal Department of Home Affairs
Health - Sep 11
At its meeting on 11 September, the Federal Council decided on the quarantine rules for persons entering Switzerland from neighbouring countries: only those regions of neighbouring countries where the infection rate is over the limit will be added to the list of countries and areas with an increased rate of infection, not the entire country.
Health - Aug 12

At its meeting on 12 August, the Federal Council took the decision to re-allow events for more than 1000 people from 1 October. Strict protective measures will apply and the events will have to be authorised by the cantons, taking into account the local epidemiological situation and their contact tracing capacity.

Pharmacology - Aug 7

Many research institutions around the world are working on the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus. The US biotech firm Moderna Therapeutics is working on one of the leading vaccine candidates.

Health - Jun 19

As of Monday, 22 June, the measures put in place to tackle the coronavirus will for the most part be lifted. Only the ban on large-scale events will remain in place until the end of August. This follows the decisions taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 19 June in view of the continuing low level of new cases.

Health - May 27

From 6 June, the measures put in place to fight the new coro rus will be extensively eased. That is the decision taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 27 May in view of the positive developments in the epidemiological situation.

Pharmacology - Aug 11

The federal government has signed a reservation agreement with the Swiss company Molecular Partners for a therapeutic agent against the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). If the drug successfully passes clinical trials and is approved for the market, Switzerland will receive priority access.

Health - Jun 24

In order to be able to respond rapidly to a renewed increase in the number of cases, testing should be conducted as widely as is possible and appropriate. As of 25 June, the federal government will therefore be assuming the cost of all coronavirus tests.

Health - Jun 4

On Thursday, 4 June, President Simonetta Sommaruga represented Switzerland at the Global Vaccine Summit. The summit, which was originally due to have taken place in London at the UK's invitation, was instead conducted by video conference.

Health - May 20

Religious services can take place again as of the 28th May 2020. In order to achieve this, the various faith communities must develop protection concepts. This decision was taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 20th May 2020.