Scienze sociali e psicologia

Scienze sociali - 20.06
Scienze sociali
A study conducted by the UNIGE and the consulting firm EBP reveals that the entire Cannabis system in Switzerland generates an annual turnover of one billion francs. Cannabis generates an annual turnover of around one billion Swiss Francs. This sum does not only contain production, import and trade in the shadow economy but also legal economic activity such as policing, the judicial system, social work and healthcare. A study from the University of Geneva investigated the economic effects of the current form of regulation in-depth and shows: alternative regulation could significantly change the status quo.
Psicologia - 13.05

Researchers at the Department of Neurology of the University of Bern and University Hospital Bern identified how the brain triages emotions during dream sleep to consolidate the storage of positive emotions while dampening the consolidation of negative ones. The work expands the importance of sleep in mental health and opens new ways of therapeutic strategies.

Pedagogia - 17.05

Signs and symbols are intended to provide orientation in public spaces. Once we-ve understood their message, we take note of it and usually think no more of it. It's worth taking a closer look, however, as these signs influence the way we live together. Edina Krompák and Stephan Meyer of the University of Basel aim to raise awareness of this aspect, especially in an educational context.

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