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Location: Basel - North West Switzerland
Petersplatz 1, 4051 Basel

Affiliation: swissuniversities

The University of Basel is a university which performs excellently in research and teaching. Founded in 1460, Switzerland’s oldest university has over 550 years of successful history.

As a university offering a wide range of quality education, it attracts students from Switzerland and all around the world and offers them excellent study conditions at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Today, the University of Basel counts around 13,000 students coming from over one hundred nations.


Lung organoids unveil secret: How pathogens infect human lung tissue

Health - Jun 10

How do pathogens invade the lungs? Using human lung microtissues, a team at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel has uncovered the strategy used by a dangerous pathogen. The bacterium targets specific lung cells and has developed a sophisticated strategy to break through the lungs' line of defense.

Building or greening? Making space for urban plants

History & Archeology

Dense settlement on one side, nature on the other. When space is short, we need to think hard about how to use it. What are the important criteria here? A historian from the University of Basel is writing a doctoral thesis on the fads and social development that have influenced green spaces in urban planning.

Blood sausages and yak milk: Bronze Age cuisine of Mongolian nomads unveiled

History & Archeology

Bronze cauldrons were used by the inhabitants of the Mongolian steppe around 2,700 years ago to process animal blood and milk. This is shown by a protein analysis of archaeological finds from this period.

Health - Jun 3

Not just a sneeze: Pollen increase blood pressure

An estimated one-fifth of the world's population is affected by pollen allergies. Researchers at Swiss TPH and the University of Basel have now discovered that a high concentration of pollen can increase blood pressure in allergy sufferers.

Health - May 22

Gentler cell therapies for blood cancer

Researchers have developed an approach to -deleting- a blood system affected by leukemia while simultaneously building up a new, healthy system with donor blood stem cells. Writing in the journal Nature, the team reports on the promising results obtained in animal experiments and with human cells in the laboratory.

Fish out of water: How killifish embryos adapted their development

Life Sciences

The annual killifish lives in regions with extreme drought. A research group at the University of Basel now reports in "Science" that the early embryogenesis of killifish diverges from that of other species. Unlike other fish, their body structure is not predetermined from the outset. This could enable the species to survive dry periods unscathed.

Psychology - Jun 5

Sexual minorities experience greater exclusion in everyday situations


Lesbian, gay and bisexual people experience greater exclusion than heterosexual people. This is the conclusion of a recent study by researchers from the University of Basel and the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU). Heterosexual individuals who deviate from traditional gender roles are also affected.

Health - May 23

New approach to Epstein-Barr virus and resulting diseases


The Epstein-Barr virus can cause a spectrum of diseases, including a range of cancers. Emerging data now show that inhibition of a specific metabolic pathway in infected cells can diminish latent infection and therefore the risk of downstream disease, as reported by researchers from the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel in the journal Science.

Health - May 21

How immune cells recognize the abnormal metabolism of cancer cells


When cells become tumor cells, their metabolism changes fundamentally. Researchers at the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel have now demonstrated that this change leaves traces that could provide targets for cancer immunotherapies.

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