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Location: Geneva
Rue du Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Genève

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The University of Geneva (UNIGE) is an institution devoted to research, teaching and dialogue. It is the site of academic creativity and the transmission of knowledge.

Since its foundation in 1559 the University of Geneva has developed ever higher ethical standards and steadily increased in quality and the will to innovation. Today it is one of Europe’s leading universities.

The University of Geneva also shares the international calling of its host city, Geneva, a centre of international and multicultural activities with a venerable cosmopolitan tradition. Its desire to expand its collaboration with partner institutions and broaden its appeal to researchers and students from around the world has made the University of Geneva a "globalised university", a meeting place for academic disciplines and various cultures, and a forum for ideas.


Environment - May 6
A team of Swiss and international climate scientists has shown that the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in the Himalayan region and the Tibetan plateau could triple in the coming decades. The "Third Pole" of the Earth, the high mountain ranges of Asia, bears the largest number of glaciers outside the polar regions.
Health - May 3

Antibody testing can be a powerful tool for tracking the spread of SARS-CoV2 infections, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Life Sciences - Apr 29
Life Sciences

Two UNIGE teams have discovered a new mechanism for regulating RNA maturation that depends on diet.

Pharmacology - Apr 22

Silica nanoparticles developed by a team from the UNIGE and Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich have significantly increased the effectiveness and precision of immunotherapies.

Life Sciences - Apr 6
Life Sciences

Researchers from the University of Geneva have discovered a very small protein in Drosophila that plays a key role in how females select the semen that will fertilize its eggs when it mates with several males.

Physics - May 3

Scientists from the University of Geneva and UZH have used a statistical physics approach to identify the lengthscales of key intercellular interactions which govern tissue healing.

Physics - Apr 28

Scientists at the UNIGE have shown that the response of the retina to light depends not only on the intensity of the light perceived by the eye, but also on its temporal shape and the order in which the colours are organized.

Psychology - Apr 20

Scientists have shown that when we look at each other, our attention is focused on the social interaction, disrupting our perception of time.

Psychology - Mar 30

By confirming the link between children's cardiorespiratory fitness and their school results, researchers at the UNIGE underline the importance of physical education classes at school.

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