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Location: Geneva - Lake Geneva region
Rue du Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Genève

Affiliation: swissuniversities

The University of Geneva (UNIGE) is an institution devoted to research, teaching and dialogue. It is the site of academic creativity and the transmission of knowledge.

Since its foundation in 1559 the University of Geneva has developed ever higher ethical standards and steadily increased in quality and the will to innovation. Today it is one of Europe’s leading universities.

The University of Geneva also shares the international calling of its host city, Geneva, a centre of international and multicultural activities with a venerable cosmopolitan tradition. Its desire to expand its collaboration with partner institutions and broaden its appeal to researchers and students from around the world has made the University of Geneva a "globalised university", a meeting place for academic disciplines and various cultures, and a forum for ideas.


Discovery of a planet around an ultra-cool star

Artist's concept of the exoplanet SPECULOOS-3 b orbiting its ultra-cool red dwarf star. The planet is as big as Earth, while its star is slightly larger than Jupiter, but much more massive. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech An international team of astronomers - including members of the NCCR PlanetS , the University of Geneva and the University of Bern (UNIBE) - has discovered, for only the second time, an Earth-sized exoplanet (SPECULOOS-3 b) around an ultra-cool Red Dwarf star.

Health - Apr 30

A new anticoagulant with no risk of bleeding


A team from the University of Geneva, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, has developed a new type of anticoagulant whose action can be rapidly stopped.

Eruption of mega-magnetic star lights up nearby galaxy

Astronomy & Space

Thanks to ESA satellites, an international team including researchers has detected a giant eruption coming from a magnetar, an extremely magnetic neutron star.

Gaia spots a large dormant black hole in our Galaxy

Astronomy & Space

A high-mass stellar black hole has been discovered in preliminary data from the Gaia satellite by an international team led by astronomers from the University of Geneva.

Life Sciences - Apr 10

The genesis of our cellular skeleton, image by image

Life Sciences

Scientists have reconstructed for the first time a film of the assembly of the human centriole, one of the essential structures that constitute our cells.

Economics - Apr 30

GSEM accredited by AACSB as top business school


The University of Geneva Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) has been awarded AACSB business accreditation known worldwide as the most recognized form of specialized accreditation for business programs.

Campus - Apr 16

The key pillars of the new Rectorate at the University of Geneva


First woman to serve as Rector of the University of Geneva, Audrey Leuba outlines the key priorities of her early tenure at the helm of the institution. Promoting "Vivre Ensemble", excellence, and employability will be central to the agenda of the new Rectorate.

Health - Apr 11

Biofortified rice to combat deficiencies


A team from UNIGE, together with ETH Zurich and NCHU in Taiwan, has developed a rice line that has enhanced vitamin B1 content.

CHEOPS detects a ’’rainbow’’ on an exoplanet

Astronomy & Space

New observations from the space telescope point to the existence of a 'glory' in the atmosphere of WASP-76b, a luminous phenomenon like a rainbow.

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