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Health - Social Sciences - May 20
An alternating cycle of suppression interventions and relaxation could offer a pragmatic strategy - particularly for developing countries - to prevent health systems from being overloaded while reducing the economical and societal burden. The coronavirus pandemic has imposed an unprecedented challenge to global healthcare systems, societies and governments.
Criminology - Social Sciences - May 8
Criminology - Social Sciences

Researchers supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation analysed how sadistic sexual murderers assaulting child victims commit their crimes and discovered a number of specific patterns.

Health - Social Sciences - Apr 16
Health - Social Sciences

How exactly is the coronavirus spreading in Switzerland? To determine this based on a large dataset, Biomedical informatics specialists from ETH Zurich and the canton of Bern have now combined their online questionnaires on the shared platform

Health - Social Sciences - Apr 29
Health - Social Sciences

Switzerland is gradually easing the measures imposed to halt the spread of the new coronavirus. However, the fight against Covid-19 is far from over.

Environment - Social Sciences - Apr 14

A new nationwide study being conducted jointly by EPFL, the Idiap Research Institute and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) aims to understand the emotional effects of the lockdown on Swiss residents and what steps they are taking to cope with it.

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Social Sciences - 08.05
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  • The Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (FORS) provides services to conduct research and to publish and disseminate research findings in the social sciences. The Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences publish a complete inventory of Swiss social research. It is located in the University of Lausanne.
  • The program IRIS (Intégration, Régulation et Innovation Sociales) is a research and postgraduate education program. It is a part of the pool SVS (Science, Vie et Société) of the University of Lausanne, Geneva and of the EPFL. It associates scientists and researchers in human and social sciences.

Funding possibilities

  • The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is Switzerland’s leading provider of scientific research funding and support also the research in humanities and social sciences. Any researcher working in Switzerland can ask for a grant. SNSF project funding grants cover direct research costs (staff salaries, materials, travel costs etc.).


  • The Academy for the humanities and the social sciences is the umbrella organisation for the humanities and social sciences. It groups approximately 60 scientific societies which represent the wide spectre of the disciplines of the human and social sciences. Its mission ist to represent the interests of the human and social sciences, to put in network the disciplines and to promote the new subjects of scientific importance.