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Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering

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Gesundheit - Pharmakologie - 8.10
Gesundheit - Pharmakologie
Translational project will create the first detailed 3D maps of human glioblastomas with an integrated 'tissue time machine' to predict response to therapies. Geneva, Switzerland - The Wyss Center announced today that it will lead a collaborative project, as part of Wellcome Leap's Delta Tissue Program , to improve understanding of the brain cancer glioblastoma (GBM) and help develop more effective therapies.
Informatik - Gesundheit - 29.09

The cloud-based platform enables long-term brain monitoring towards personalized treatment. Geneva, Switzerland - The Wyss Center announced today the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark Class I medical device for its Epios Cloud software.

Innovation - Biowissenschaften - 6.09
Innovation - Biowissenschaften

The Capture dream journaling mobile application.

Biowissenschaften - Innovation - 29.06
Biowissenschaften - Innovation

Wyss Center partners with Artiria Medical to accelerate a novel therapy for cerebral vasospasm.

Innovation - Karriere - 3.05

Are you developing a promising technology in the field of applied neuroscience or neurotechnology? Do you intend to bring it to the market? This joint EPFL-Wyss Center call for projects might be for you.

Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 23.03
Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit

Results demonstrate MRI compatibility, good surgical handling and reliable recording in bioelectronic interfaces that conform to the nervous system.

Gesundheit - Biowissenschaften - 28.09

The 'in conversation' series features members of the Wyss Center community discussing their work, their collaborations and imagining the future. What are you working on? I am a member of the Clinical, Regulatory and Quality Affairs (CARAQA) team at the Wyss Center.

Innovation - Biowissenschaften - 23.07

The new device will interact with the nerves responsible for constriction of brain arteries - a common complication after hemorrhagic stroke.

Gesundheit - Innovation - 17.05
Gesundheit - Innovation

The Wyss Center's spin-off company Epios joins a global network of entrepreneurs with its long-term brain monitoring technology.

Biowissenschaften - 31.03

The results could help clinicians understand addiction and enable people to better manage substance withdrawal.

Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 11.03

Could a ray of light stop rogue proteins in their tracks and slow the spread of neurodegenerative disease in the brain? EPFL and the Wyss Center are set to find out.

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