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Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering

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Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 25.02
Geneva, Switzerland - The Wyss Center has joined forces with an international consortium of universities, biomedical startups and nonprofit organizations to develop therapies for spinal cord injury that could improve long-term recovery.
Gesundheit - 28.01

Charter group of 21 world-class institutions representing a network of over 150,000 researchers across six continents sign agreement that sets new bar for fast-paced research and development.

Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 18.12.2020
Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit

To do this, Baud collaborated with Vikram Rao, neurologist at UCSF, to obtain neuronal activity data collected over several years using devices implanted long-term in the brains of patients with epilepsy.

Gesundheit - Biowissenschaften - 27.08.2020
Gesundheit - Biowissenschaften

Subscalp brain monitoring devices could offer long-term, continuous, and reliable recording of neural activity at home and in the clinic.

Informatik - Biowissenschaften - 11.08.2020
Informatik - Biowissenschaften

The software platform, NeuroKey, interfaces with multiple brain signal acquisition sources and devices, extending the reach of brain-computer interface applications

Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 11.08.2020

Personalized neurotech could boost rehab success. Personalized neurotechnology-aided rehabilitation of the arm could improve recovery in severe chronic stroke patients according to a new paper published today in the journal Brain .

Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 7.01
Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit

Revealing details of the internal structure of 'mini-brains' could help accelerate drug studies and may offer alternatives to some animal testing

Gesundheit - 8.10.2020

The flexible coating technology could pave the way for miniaturized devices in the human body

Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit - 11.08.2020
Biowissenschaften - Gesundheit

Pushing the boundaries of implantable neuro-device development

Biowissenschaften - Informatik - 11.08.2020
Biowissenschaften - Informatik

Researchers around the world share their stunning images and insights: The open source mesoSPIM Initiative

Pharmakologie - Biowissenschaften - 19.06.2020

GENEVA, 19 June 2020: The Wyss Center's Chief Development Officer (CDO), Dr Tracy Laabs , has been awarded Pharmacology and Toxicology Alumna of the Year by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in recognition of her career accomplishments and global impact on research and translation.

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