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3Brain AG
3Brain AG | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Einsiedlerstrasse 30, 8820 Wädenswil | 3Brain is a young, fast-growing, dynamic company focusing on brain technologies, one of the most fascinating research and business sectors with multiple applications and impacts on human life.

ADR-AC GmbH ADR-AC GmbH | Ort: Bern - Bern | Holligenstrasse 91, 3008 Bern | ADR-AC is a research and service company. The aim of ADR-AC is to increase the safety of drugs. We achieve it Year of foundation: 2006

Amnestix, Inc. Amnestix, Inc. | Amnestix is an early-stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on cognitive enhancement.

Biosmart GmbH Biosmart GmbH | Ort: Bern - Bern | Weihergasse 11, 3005 Bern | The company analyses food based on molecular methods.

CarboGen Amcis CarboGen Amcis | Ort: Aarau | Schachenallee 29, 5001 Aarau | CarboGen Laboratories specializes in providing research-based pharmaceutical companies with rapid API supplies, process research, and analytical control.

CELLnTEC | Ort: Bern - Bern | Stauffacherstrasse 130A, 3014 Bern | CELLnTEC aims to supply universities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies with a new generation of naturally immortal epidermal cell cultures.

Dualsystems Biotech AG Dualsystems Biotech AG | Ort: Schlieren | Grabenstrasse 11A, 8952 Schlieren | The company's concept is to provide a yeast one- and yeast two-hybrid technology platform f

Ecogenics Ecogenics | Ort: Schlieren | Grabenstrasse 11A, 8952 Schlieren | ECOGENICS GmbH is a spin-off company of the Institut für Umweltwissenschaften.

ESBATech AG ESBATech AG | Ort: Schlieren | Wagistrasse 12, 8952 Schlieren | ESBATech AG focuses on medical applied research using yeast as model organism.

GyroTools Ltd. GyroTools Ltd. | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Waldstrasse 4, 8400 Winterthur | GyroTools develops innovative add-on solutions for Magnetic Resonance diagnostics targeting cardiovascular and brain imaging applications.

Hocoma AG Hocoma AG | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Industriestrasse 4B, 8604 Volketswil | Hocoma develops innovative equipment for applications in medicinal engineering.

Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research (IBR) Inc. Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research (IBR) Inc.

Kuros Biosurgery AG Kuros Biosurgery AG | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Wagistrasse 25, 8952 Schlieren | Kuros’ beginnings can be traced back to the early 1990s.

leadXpro AG
leadXpro AG | Ort: Villigen - Region Zürich | innovAARE AG, PARK innovAARE: deliveryLAB, 5234 Villigen | Angliederung: Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare ...

Lipal Biochemicals AG Lipal Biochemicals AG | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zürich | Synthesis of fine chemicals; peptides and resins.

Molecular Machines & Industries AG Molecular Machines & Industries AG

Molecular Partners AG Molecular Partners AG | Ort: Schlieren | Wagistrasse 14, 8952 Schlieren | Molecular Partners is developing novel binding proteins for applications in biotechnology, diagnostics and therapeutics.

NeMoDevices GmbH NeMoDevices GmbH | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Weinbergstrasse 161, 8006 Zürich | The mission of NeMoDevices GmbH, created February 2007, is to manufacture and market

Neurotune AG Neurotune AG | Ort: Schlieren | Wagistrasse 27A, 8952 Schlieren | Neurotune develops synthetic small-molecular drugs to treat disorders of the human nervous system (peripheral and central).

Prionics AG Prionics AG | Ort: Schlieren | Wagistrasse 27a, 8952 Schlieren | Prionics is a high-tech company in the biotechnology industry.

Swiss Cardio Technologies AG Swiss Cardio Technologies AG | Ort: Luzern - Zentral Schweiz | Kehrsitenstrasse 2, 6362 Stansstad | Swiss Cardio Technologies supports Research, Development and Commercialisation of Health focused ideas, in particular in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Symetis AG Symetis AG | Ort: Lausanne - Genfersee Region | Chemin de la Venoge 11, 1024 Ecublens | Symetis is a privately held Swiss biotechnology company developing innovative, ti

Synergene Biotech GmbH Synergene Biotech GmbH | Ort: Schlieren | Grabenstrasse 11A, 8952 Schlieren | Synergene Biotech provides services for the life science community including DNA-sequencing, and custom project development.

Timaq medical imaging Inc. Timaq medical imaging Inc. | Ort: Zürich - Region Zürich | Zürich | Timaq medical imaging Inc.